We Are One of the Top 100 Resources for Black Families


I created this blog because I believe that every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation. I work each day to create articles, books and other resources to provide that encouragement, inspiration and motivation. I am pleased that my articles are beneficial to women all across the United States and in many countries around the world. This week, this blog was given a wonderful honor. We were named one of the Top 100 Resources for Black Families. As a black woman, a business owner and a writer, this is indeed a high honor.

I have always believed that people should be proud of themselves. This includes the necessity of having pride in your:

  • race
  • gender
  • religion
  • marital status
  • family type
  • career choice

There is nothing wrong with being proud of these things because they are part of what make defines and describes a person. The only time pride in one’s self is a problem is when that pride is used as an excuse or reason to damage, mistreat or harm others.


I am pleased to have been named to this amazing list of blogs, entertainers, media professionals, health and wellness providers, sororities and other organizations. I am honored that among all the people, businesses and organizations across the nation that provide these services, this blog, this space is seen by others as a top resource. It is a recognition of the work that has been done in the past and of the work that is needed to be done in the future. You may click here to see all of the other wonderful resources that made the list. You will find us listed at #30.

It is our hope that you will continue to come to this space for encouragement, inspiration and motivation to be your best at work and home. Please know that our readers, subscribers and visitors are important to us and our are reason for being. Thank you for making Janeane’s World, part of your world!

CHOP The Best Healthcare for Your Child

technology can't replace mom

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so of course, I have been familiar with The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, known as CHOP all my life. As a child whenever we had to go to the hospital my mother took us to CHOP. Therefore, it was no surprise that my first choice in hospitals with my own children is The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP’s main campus has grown quite a bit since my childhood visits. It is now a growing network of facilities and resources created to provide exceptional healthcare services to all children, for every possible need.

Whether it’s a bump on the head, a broken bone, outpatient surgery, ongoing care of asthma or allergies, or a visit at home, you can turn to CHOP with confidence. The CHOP experts treat the common conditions of childhood, and offer regular well care when there’s nothing that needs treating! The first time I rushed my oldest daughter to CHOP’s main campus was 20 years ago when she was only a few months old.

She was swinging in a basket swing and all of the sudden she took a deep breath and after that I thought she couldn’t breathe. My husband and I rushed to take her to a nearby hospital who evaluated her and told us to take her to CHOP which was only 5 minutes away. The doctors at CHOP did tests and examined my daughter. Long story short, the only thing that was wrong with her was that she had gas, lots and lots of gas!

Later when my children experienced sprained ankles, twisted knees or headaches our pediatrician sent us to CHOP. CHOP is designed with children in mind. More recently, my son hurt his knee when he jumped off a sliding board bridge.




When we walked, or rolled down the halls to get to see the orthopedic specialists the walls on the way to the Wood Building were covered with photos of children and stories of their successful treatment at CHOP. All the waiting rooms are child-friendly from the colors on the walls to the computers, televisions and child-sized tables and chairs. My children always felt comfortable and at ease at CHOP. When my son broke his cast playing football, (yes with the cast on he still played football) the doctors and staff at CHOP gave him a new cast in the color of his choice with no complaints. They joked with him and made him feel comfortable and at ease all through the treatment process.

No parent wants to have to go to the hospital with her child. But, if you have to go to the hospital you can feel safe in your decision to choose CHOP. It is one of the top-ranked children’s hospitals in the United States (by U.S. News and World Report) and is the highest ranked children’s hospital in the region. This means your child will get the best care possible from people who focus only on making children feel better. Another great benefit of CHOP is that there are more than 50 locations providing primary care, specialty care, outpatient surgery and urgent care, as well as community hospital partnerships – which makes it easier for parents to access the right care in the right place.

I have been to the main hospital, as well as the location on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia and the specialty center in King of Prussia. My family and I are watching the new CHOP center in our Bryn Mawr neighborhood be built. We walk by and check the progress of construction every few days.

When you talk to the doctors and staff at the main CHOP location, they tell you that when your child receives primary care from a CHOP pediatrician, you’ll be just a referral way from CHOP’s suburban Specialty Care Centers where our pediatric specialists provide the same level of care you’d find at our Main Hospital. I can attest that this is true. My son could not complete the MRI test at the main hospital building. He tried but the machine was scary. Even with the movies the staff put on inside the machine, he just could not complete the test. The staff was patient with him and worked calmly and sweetly to help him. It was all to no avail, he just could not complete the test. We were referred to the King of Prussia location where he was able to have the MRI completed while he slept. He left the test feeling comfortable, at ease and like a winner.

So, remember, whether you need routine medical treatment or specialty care, there is a CHOP specialist available to help you.