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It is wonderful to get a phone that really helps make life easier and the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Walmart Family Mobile, #Fall4Phones, does just that! I am a Walmart Family Mobile Brand Ambassador. This means that based on my fondness for their phones, service and products, Walmart has selected me to share great news about my experiences with my readers. It is no secret that I like Walmart Family Mobile Phones. People who read this blog have read about me getting a phone for my daughter as a reward for college acceptances, giving my husband a phone for Mother’s Day, getting a phone for my kids to text their sister at college and becoming a Walmart Family Mobile Brand Ambassador. I really like the fact that Walmart Best Plans give me Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web plans and are the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!



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Today I want to let you know that this is a great phone for the fall season. More »

work the job now while waiting fo rthe dream

It is wonderful to keep your dream job in mind when searching for a job. Every person who works for a living, whether a 9 to 5 employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur has a dream job in mind. A dream job is a job that offers the right pay, benefits and working conditions. We all want dream jobs, dream clients, dream circumstances. The reality is that many of us have to take right now jobs while we are waiting for the dream job to show up. This means we must do a good job and appreciate the right now jobs we have while we prepare for the dream jobs.

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don't procrastinate
It is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you finish what you start. Procrastination is that thing that causes us to put off until some future date the things we should be doing today. Procrastination hurts productivity, profitability and self-esteem. One way to kick procrastination in the butt is to finish what you start. Instead of starting and stopping many jobs during the day, pick a job, start it and stick with it until it is done. More » nurture your marriage

It is magnificent to take action now and make a happy marriage work-long term. This space is usually devoted to tips, advice and encouragement to take action now to accomplish something in your professional life. My readers are mostly working women, many of whom are married or wish to be married. At the encouragement of a wonderful Facebook group to support Christian wives, a prepared this special edition of take action now – how to take action now to make a happy marriage last long- term.

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It is magnificent to realize when you are looking for a job that some things are worth holding on to and some things need to be let go. When a person works for a living, whether as an employee, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, from time to time, she will need to look for work. Often long periods of time have passed since the last time a person has been on a job search to the current job search. During the interim, often changes have taken place in the industry. Technology, the passage of time and the changes in culture around the world change what is required and what is acceptable in the workplace. In order to be successful in your search for a job, freelance assignment search or search for clients for your business, you must learn what old habits are worth holding on to and which things need to be let go. More »

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