Grilled Pork – From Fridge to Plate in Less Than 20 Minutes

grilled pork a quick meal

This post has been sponsored by the National Pork Board. All opinions found here are my own.

Each year, the National Pork Board has teamed with Walmart to offer some great treats to pork lovers across the country.  After reading all about it, comment below about why and how you love pork and you may win an awesome grill set and a $100 Walmart gift card. The reason for this awesomeness is simple, National Pork Board – Pork’s Got Your Grill Covered! All summer long I have been sharing stories about how great it is to grill pork chops. One of the reasons for that is because I really like pork chops. They are an easy to make dish that makes my family happy.


pork prize collage

This really is a great prize package – grill tools and $100 in a Walmart gift card.


One of my favorite things about pork is that you can always find healthy cuts with little or no fat. At the same time pork is an easy food to season and it tastes good with a variety of different flavors and treatments. Pork chops are so easy to throw on the grill and have a delicious meal in just a few minutes with almost no work at all. Tonight for dinner I was tired and did not feel like cooking at all. But, I have three kids at home and my husband was working so I had to cook dinner. My family wanted the weirdest combination I ever heard of – grilled pork chops, spaghetti noodles and rosa pasta sauce.  I know, it sounds as weird as all get out. But, they asked and I delivered.

I am not a chef. I am a busy wife and mother. So, I like to cook things that are easy to make and taste good. I took a few good pork chops out of the refrigerator and let one of my eight year old daughters add some seasoning blend to each side.


pork with seasoning only

Look at this pork chop. It is beautiful with just seasoning blend on top!



Next I put the pork chops on a hot grill for a little bit to cook.


chop on the grill

I cooked this chop on the indoor grill and even the family vegetarian thought it was beautiful!


At the same time, I put the pasta in boiling water and mixed together some red sauce and some alfredo sauce to make the rosa sauce my family likes so much. Less than 20 minutes from start to finish, everything was done and dinner was served. Of course, everyone loved the meal which made me feel like a superhero. The funniest comment of them all, came from my vegetarian daughter. She said,  “Mom, I am a vegetarian, but you know, those pork chop things looked really good.” My husband saying “thanks for a good dinner” of course was nice.


pork all done, delicious on a plate

The chop is all done and ready to it. It is called Delicious on a Plate!


I am excited because the National Pork Board has made it possible for me to offer several of my readers an awesome BBQ gift set and a $100 Walmart gift card that can be used to by all kinds of great pork products. Not only that, if you visit to share your grilling holiday and find great recipes and grilling tips. Not only that, there is a chance to win free groceries for a year and other great prizes.  That is not all! If you visit, and the social media channels for the National Pork Board (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) using special hashtag #grillporksweeps you will be able to show off your great pork dishes.

The prize pack up for grabs is a great one. It includes:

Walmart $100 gift card
Grilling kit ( 4-in-1 spatula, tongs, grill brush, chrome skewers)
Meat thermometer
Sauce brush
Tote Bag

The items in the prize pack for my readers have the “Be Inspired” message. That is because the the National Pork Board wants to you be inspired with all the possibilities that pork has to offer. I am looking forward to sharing recipes and meal ideas with you over the next several weeks. Please join me for an exciting journey through the world of grilled pork and be inspired!

Take Action Now Because Movement is Life


Take Action Now and get things done because movement is life. Almost every person alive had heard at least one reference from the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time and place, a season for everything under the sun. That idea was good and appropriate over 2,000 years ago when it was first penned sand it is still a good idea today. The idea is that there is a point of time at which we must move. We must move because movement is how things like ideas, plans and goals live.

Movement is life, so move to make things happen personally and professionally.

When it comes to taking action, there a few different kinds of people. There are some people who like to plan. They have all manner of planning journals, notecards, sticky notes, pens  and apps  for planning purposes. There are other people who are persons of action with no planning. These people do not plan, instead they are fly by the seat of their pants, do it in the spur of the moment people. Then there are other people who are smart planning then acting on the plans people. This last group of people area joy to watch because they make plans, follow-up with smart actions and get things done.

In the movie “World Ward Z,” the main character tried to convince a family to travel with him rather than sitting and hiding out until things got better. He told them, “Movement is life.”  Spoiler alert, the family that failed to move failed to survive. The main character who moved and his family survived. Take a moment now to look back over the course of your personal and professional life. How many times has a dream died or a plan faltered because you did not take action now, but decided to wait for “someday?”  Even more heartbreaking, have you ever had an idea that died because you failed to take action now and then saw someone else achieve that dream or goal you only talked about? Those who put movement behind their plans, goals and dreams are more likely to see those things become reality.

There are people all over the world who dreamed of great things and marvelous inventions years before they came to market. The world abounds with stories about who really invented the phone, the internet, the automobile and a million other things. Often the person telling the story ends the narrative with some version of, “I thought of that first, but I didn’t move on the idea because . . .  .” Failing to move can cost you dollars and opportunities. Movement is life.

Motherhood- It’s Not A Competition or a Hustle

When you look at the bottom line of it all, there is no competition between single mothers and married mothers. Good mothers, no matter what their marital status, want to raise children who are happy, productive adults.

Caring for My Family Is Not A Hustle

A few days ago while on Facebook,  I saw a photo of a woman with a caption that read, “No one hustles harder than a single mother.” As a married mother, the photo caught my attention, so I scanned the comments. In sum, the opinion of a majority of the commenters seemed to be that single are better mothers because they have to do so much without spouses to help. The comments made me chuckle.

The idea that single mothers are better mothers simply because they are doing two jobs is not a new concept to me. It is one I hear often from single mothers. By way of comparison,  in my circle of married mothers, I never hear about comparisons to or competition with single mothers. The first thing I did after chuckling over the caption was look up the definition of the word hustle. I looked at both traditional and modern definitions. Merriam Webster defined hustle as:

a :to obtain by energetic activity

b :to sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity

c :to sell or promote energetically and aggressively

According to Urban Dictionary to hustle is to do “Anythin you need to do to make money… be it sellin cars, drugs, ya body. If you makin money, you hustlin.” I found both definitions interesting, but not applicable  to what I do as a mother.

love your children

The Merriam Webster definition did not appeal to me for several reasons. First,  while it requires energy and stamina to do what I do as a mother,  I would not describe raising my children in a loving, caring home as something to be obtained simply  by energetic activity. Secondly,  motherhood is not something I sell. Thirdly,  mothering is not some underhanded activity in which I engage. I also found the Urban Dictionary definition distasteful. It made hustling seem like something unseemly risqué or shameful. Of course, like most people, I work for a living. I must make money to contribute to the financial well-being of my family. However, I do not provide that  financial support in an unsavory or illegal manner.