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Superwoman: noun

1. wife
2. mom of 4

I am Janeane Davis. I describe myself as a Superwoman, aka a wife and mother of four. I am an African-American mom blogger whose mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate women to be their best in business and at home.

I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of James, Davis and Associates, a private business consulting firm, If you need help motivating and inspiring your employees or making your business operations more efficient, we should talk.

Contact me directly at 215-586-3897, or janeanedavis@ to schedule a consultation.

A child's love is more precious than gold.


Kid’s Academy and A Great Gift Card Giveaway!

Hosted by Momma Lew and Co-Hosted by Everything Mommyhood

In this day and age, when our children are exposed to media and technology at every moment, you want to make sure you make the best decisions in what they are exposed to.  Right now, over 3.5 million children around the globe are playing a Kid’s Academy App!  My own children included!  

Some of our most favorite Kid’s Academy apps are The 3 Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf123 Tracing and my personal favorite – the Montessori Workbook.  Your family can play the Montessori Workbook for FREE from iTunes

This great app has been in the TOP 10 of the most popular in the Education category for the U.S. market for the last 5 weeks! 

Kid’s Academy apps are created with fun in mind!  They engage young minds with graphics, music and intriguing games!  Although this app is rate for ages 4+, my newly 3 year old plays it with no problems at all. Toddlers can start with the easier skills and then gradually build on their better developed skill levels.  Both of my children are able to work on this app at age appropriate levels, even though they are 2.5 years apart.

A few key points about the Montessori App: 

  • Basic reading, writing and math skills are worked on, 
  • Children are rewarded by collecting fireflies throughout their game play. 
  • Children are also given hints to help build their skills and more importantly, their confidence! 
  • The curriculum your child will work on is developed by preschool education experts and is aligned to common core standards. 
  • Available for your iPhone or iPad.

As a parent, you probably find the reviews people leave on products to be helpful in your decision making process.  Kids Academy feels the same way.  When you leave a review on their apps, it helps other parents know this is an age-appropriate app for their child and it helps Kid’s Academy to continuously work on their apps to bring you the best.  

To say thank you for leaving a review on this new app, Kid’s Academy will be giving away FIVE (5) $50 Gift Cards to Amazon!  

How to enter:

  1. Download and use the FREE app from iTunes here
  2. Leave a review of at least a few sentences! 
  3. Then, come claim your entries here in the Entry Form to be entered to win 1 of the 5 $50 Amazon Gift Cards!

This giveaway is open worldwide to readers 18+ and ends on 5/5/14 at 11:59pm EST.  All entries will be verified, one entry per household.  Winners are emailed and have 48 hours to claim their prize before a new winner will be chosen. 


Good luck and thank you for entering! 

*Momma Lew’s Blog received compensation for this post and all opinions expressed were not influenced in anyway.  Promoting Bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment. 


Procrastination – If Depression Causes It, Get Help

procrastination and depression

It is terrific to know that if depression causes you to procrastinate you can get help. There are so many reasons why people procrastinate and put things off for some unknown day that may never come. An increasingly common reason for procrastination is depression. Over the past few months several of my friends and acquaintances have been devastated by suicides in their close circles. Depression may initially cause people to procrastinate as suffers sit in bed or refuse to move. Look at your life and if depression is causing you to procrastinate, get help.

It is terrific to take action now so that depression does not destroy your life. I am a member of the Pushing Lovely Facebook group and website. Our mission is to push women writers to be their best. Just two months ago we sponsored a movement called #DayofLight, due to several high-profile suicides in the media recently, suicides in our circles and the suicide of my daughter’s former art teacher we decided to work together to bring depression out of darkness and into light by sharing our own stories. Just recently, a blogger we were familiar with and whose work and mission we respected and perhaps admired also succumbed to suicide.  Continue reading Procrastination – If Depression Causes It, Get Help


Take Action Now and Organize Your Office with Target #TargetColors

It is magnificent to take action now and organize your office with great products from the bargain section at Target. There are certain times that brings out a natural urge to get organized and start doing things better. One of those times is the beginning of a new year. Another time that makes people want to organize and start anew is spring.

There are millions of excuses why people don’t take action now. One excuse is that things are not organized, that nothing is in its own place. If that is your excuse, take action now to organize your work area. The work area is the place where you keep your calendar, pens, pencils, paper, notepads, sticky notes, envelopes, stamps, scissors. Your work area is the place where you sit to do whatever it is that you do. If you take action now and organize your work area, make thing easy to find and get in hand, it makes it easier for you to take action now on all those other things you have been putting off or avoiding. Continue reading Take Action Now and Organize Your Office with Target #TargetColors


041214 Better Blogging and Better Business






In this article I am going to give you some great articles on better blogging and better business that I have found interesting during the past week. Be sure to check both sets of articles, there is often relevant overlap.

For Bloggers

1. Bloggers, even those who hire design professionals should be sure to get a working knowledge of some HTML basics. This HTML cheat sheet from The Blog Stylist helps in that effort.

2. Many bloggers blog in part to earn income. This post from Shaping Up to Be A Mom gives a nice roundup of blogger network companies. Continue reading 041214 Better Blogging and Better Business


Help Yourself Get Better at Strategic Thinking – Challenge



challenge strategic thinking a toz challenge



It is wonderful to learn to help yourself to do strategic thinking by understanding the role of challenge. Many people believe they know how to think, that they are good at figuring things out. The truth of the matter is that most people are not good thinkers. They are not good thinkers because they think on the fly instead of according to a plan. No matter what you are thinking about, no matter what you have to do it is important to do strategic thinking instead of on the fly thinking. Continue reading Help Yourself Get Better at Strategic Thinking – Challenge

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