Sometimes Too Good to Be True is Actually True

sometimes the good is true


Don’t be scared when things seem to good to be true. Sometimes things are really good and you do not want to allow fear to chase away good opportunities.  Stand up strong and tall then reach out and form a team to go forward to make your dreams come true.

Your past may be full of disappointment and sadness, but you must not let that ruin your present or endanger your future.

People often say that if “something sounds too good to be true then it isn’t true.” While that may be accurate, often things that sound too good to be true are actually true. It is not a good practice to use past failures and disappointments as a way of dismissing potentially good things in the future.  The following poem, shows the idea.

Madam and Her Might-Have Been by Langston Hughes


I had two husbands
I might have had three –
But my Might-Have Been
Was too good for me.

When you grow up the hard way
Sometimes you don’t know
What’s too good to be true,
Just might be so.

He worked all the time,
Spent his money on me-
First time in my life
I had anything free.

I said, Do you love me?
Or am I mistaken?
You’re always giving
And never taking.

He said, Madam, I swear
All I want is you.
Right then and there
I knowed we was through!

I told him, Jackson,
You better leave-
You got some’n else
Up your sleeve:

When you think you got bread
It’s always a stone
Nobody loves nobody
For yourself alone.

He said, In me
You’ve got no trust.
I said, I don’t want
My heart to bust.


Here is my reading of the poem:





First let’s look at the poem on the surface and then examine lessons that can be used in other areas of life.  On the surface, there is a woman who had two husbands in the past and has found a new man who is a good candidate for husband number three. He is a man who loves her, treats her well and only wants good things for her. Unfortunately, Madam cannot be confident in the love of her Might-Have Been. She could sit, enjoy the love and be happy. Instead she operates from a place of fear and doubt. As a result, she ends what could be a good relationship.

This same type of thing happens in business relationships. Many entrepreneurs have had the experience of partnering with another entrepreneur on a project or two. Sometimes those ventures work out well and sometimes they work out horribly. A few years ago, I worked with entrepreneurs on a start-up project across the country from where I live. Initially, things were wonderful. The project was exciting, the customers were grateful profit potential was enormous. As time went on, reality set in and the partnership never lived up to its potential. One of the partners actively worked to destroy the business and indeed succeeded in doing so.



The next venture that came along was a partnership with two friends to create a company that would provide services to other entrepreneurs. The new project was exciting! It called for me to use my strengths and to do things I enjoyed that would be beneficial to clients. It is an opportunity that seems to good to be true. But, what if it is, what if it really is that good. The potential with this new venture caused me to decide how I would handle the new venture. Would I go for the new and exciting venture, or would I let the hurt and disappointment from the prior partnership cloud my judgment and keep me away from a potentially wonderful experience. I chose to go for the new partnership and the excitement and potential it would bring my way.


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Mother To Son – Suck it Up and Move

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

A great way to celebrate Black History Month is to check out the contributions African-Americans like the gift of words of Langston Hughes’  “Mother to Son.” This poem describing how hard life is and the fact the one must never give up is just as relevant today as it was when it was written so many years ago. The mother in me is touched by the words and reaches out to comfort her son as she recites the words. I share this poem often and each time, something new and special catches my attention.

Sometimes we have to tell our children to suck it up and keep moving because life is hard.

As parents, we often look for ways to help our children avoid some of the heartaches we have suffered. Often we think of the lessons we have learned and how we can help our children learn the necessary lessons without the accompanying heartache. We want to sugar coat the world so that our children can slide through with ease, smiles and grace. Those desires are natural and they are good. At the same time, our children must learn that even in adversity, they must continue forward on the path. It is important that we teach our children that life will be hard on occasion, but that does not mean they get to give up, quit or stop pushing forward.

Langston Hughes’ poem “Mother to Son” is full of metaphors about the hard part of life, the places where  the going gets tough. Sometimes our children will have to continue moving forward when they are hurt physically or emotionally. On occasion they will need to turn corners and move in directions they have never heard of or understood before. Still other times will arise when our children have to travel through darkness and blaze trails themselves. We must prepare our children for these things. We must teach them how to move forward when they are all alone.


Check out this video to see my interpretation of the poem.


Check out the words of the poem. As you read them, imagine the staircase. Visualize the places with holes in the carpet. Imagine what it feels like – the torn up floor boards, the splinters you may get in your feet as you walk. How would you place your hands out in front of you in the darkness to feel your way forward. Once you have done that, think about how the words and situations in the poem apply to events in your life. Then think about how you push forward when life is hard and hope is almost gone.

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes      

Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin‘ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So, boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps.
‘Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin‘, honey,
I’se still climbin‘,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

Stories of working through and overcoming struggle and pushing onward are important and relevant.


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Verizon FiOS – It’s Like Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

This post was sponsored by Verizon FIOS as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

Verizon FiOS

With the Superbowl just a short time away, people all across the country are looking at their television, internet and telephone providers in a whole new light.  The television has to be vibrant, clear and reliable so that no one misses a play. The internet service provider has to be as fast as light so that disputes over play stats can be settled quickly. The telephone service has to be clear and reliable for the trash talking with people who aren’t at the house talking trash with us. In other words, it really is time to get Verion FiOS.

Verizon FIOS claims they can help you live better. In fact, in all their advertising materials there are photos of smiling faces using technology, having fun and getting things done. If you are like me, you wonder if all those smiling faces are smiling because they believe what they are saying or if they are smiling because they like the paychecks they are receiving. I have been using Verizon FiOS now for more than six months now and I feel I can give it an honest review. I think they are smiling because the service is really amazing.

battle for remote


Whenever someone asks me about FiOS, I tell them how much I really like it. My friends online an in the real world laugh at my stories about my kids using FiOS in all kinds of crazy ways. If I have said it once, I have said it one hundred times – I never though you could play Marco Polo with a landline phone until I saw my twins do it! Before installing FiOS we had not used a home phone, a landline for years. It has been a lot of fun showing my children how they work and how they are different from the cell phones they were used to.  My daughter who is away at college likes the FiOS app because it lets her watch whatever she wants even when she is out of her dorm and away from her television.

First I have to tell you what FiOS is fiber optics. FiOS uses light to transfer video and data signals to your house. Because the signal is brought directly to your house, which leads to fast internet , a sharper television signal and a home phone that sounds better.  Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have not had a lot of experience with the television. My children have taken over the television and are enjoying the many channels, sharp picture and reliable signal. Now that school is starting and I will be sending the children to school they will be hitting their beds earlier. This means I will be able to enjoy all the channels and the sharp picture just in time for the new fall series and all the season openers. Since the children have commandeered the television, I watch most shows via the mobile app on my phone or tablet.

watching tv on fios app
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Can You Safely Outshine the Master?

first law of power


When ordinary business people think of power they often think that power has nothing to do with then or their business operations. This could not be farther from the truth. No matter what business you are in and no matter what your industry, power matters. One idea that you must look at when dealing with power is can you safely outshine a superior?


The first law of power  is  “Never Outshine the Master.” My question is, why not?

The first of Robert Greene’s laws of power is, never outshine the master. When explaining this principle, Greene talked about Nicolas Fouquet who was King Louis XIV’s finance manager. Fouquet had a beautiful home and staged an impressive party to celebrate the completion of his home and to pay tribute to the king. King Louis XIV wanted to be the center of attention and thought of as great. According to Greene, he could not share the limelight or be outdone by another. So, instead of being flattered by Fouquet, he was threatened and had Fouquet placed in jail, in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

When analyzing the idea of never outstanding the master,  and how to apply it in your life or if it applies to your life, take time to objectively look at who you are and the people with whom you work. Is the superior in question the kind of person who gets upset when someone else is praised? Does she get angry when others get noticed for their accomplishments? If the answer to these  two questions is yes, this is a superior who will not be happy to see you prosper at work. This is not a position in which you will be able to simply work to the best of your abilities, grow and shine without political cost. With a superior like this, you will need to learn how to work to your best efforts and make the superior feel safe at the same time.

If you are dealing with superior who is insecure and cannot abide by the success of others, perhaps it is a good idea not to outshine that person. It is stifling to work under a person who hates you for your success. With this type of superior whenever you do well, the superior is unhappy and feels insulted. In this case you must walk a careful line because you must do a good job and at the same time you do not want to irritate the insecure superior. WIth this kind of person, it is best to look at the big picture and think long-range. This means you may have to find a place to work with a different superior. In the meantime, look for ways to make the superior feel secure, at ease and not threatened by you and your good work.


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However, if you have a supervisor who is secure in who she is and her place in the universe you do not have to hide your light under a barrel and can shine with all your might. When it comes to the idea that one should never outshine the master, one should keep in mind the importance of knowing your place in the universe. If your superior celebrates  when you receive praise and even freely praises others, she will not harm you if she is outshined. If your superior works to share the accomplishments of others, she will not be angry when you accomplish good and wonderful things at work. With this type of superior you will be able to work to your best efforts, shine and succeed without fear. When your superior is secure, you do not need to practice deceit, but can safely put forth best efforts. Do not make practicing deceit a habit. It is a dangerous one that is harder to get out of than one might imagine.



Even when your superior at work or in business is insecure and will punish you for shining, it is still possible to shine. One way to do it is to compliment your superior each time you are praised or complimented.  Look at the following scenario for example.

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Who Will Make Your Dreams Come True


take action now to make your dreams come true


Everyone has a dream. If you do not take action now to make your dream come true, you will be working for someone who did. The ball is in your court, take it and run with it.

If you do not take action now to make your dreams come true, who will?

I have never met a person without a dream. I have however met many people who do not get up and work to make their dreams come true. A dream does not come true without work. There are reasons why people don’t do the work. Some of the reasons are real, serious and actual barriers that must be overcome. Many of the reasons are small, imaginary and things that can be overcome. It doesn’t matter what type of excuse you have been using for why you are not accomplishing your dreams. The dreams are yours, it is your job to put in the work to get things done.

There is a woman I have been friends with for more than 20 years. She is smart, kind, talented and attractive. She is a dreamer. She dreams big wonderful dreams and then fills notebooks full of all the plans needed to make those dreams come true. I have seen more than a dozen of these notebooks over the years. The business plans, office decor, business cards and letterhead are all complete for more the a dozen wonderful businesses. I have often joked with her that I should follow one of her notebooks because the ideas would make me very wealthy. She always smiles and says she will follow the plans one day. But, since “Oneday” is not an actual date on the calendar, she has never done anything except stack the notebooks.

Over the years she has gone to work for several people who had dreams similar to hers. Sometimes the people she went to work for did things better than she ever could. At other times, the people she worked for did a poor job of carrying out the dream. This never persuaded her to actually step up and do the work to make her dreams come true. She would complain about what a bad job they were doing. She would list all the things they should have considered but didn’t. She did a lot of talking, planning, note taking and dreaming. But she never went beyond that. She never stepped up and did the work necessary to make her dreams come true.

She has had a happy life. Her life has been full of accomplishments, wonderful moments and the love of friends and family. She has always had a little spot where she has felt regret at never making one of her dreams come true. She knows the only thing that ever truly stopped her was her. Yet, the regret and knowledge has still never given her the kick in the butt to take out one of those notebooks and do the work. This is not  the life we are destined to live. We can do better. We can step up to the plate and do the work to make our dreams come true.

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Making dreams come true is like eating elephants – one bite at a time and it is done!

Stop being scared because your dreams are big and require a lot of work to go from dream to reality. Instead step up and do the work one bite, one step, one task at a time.


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