Verizon FiOS When You Get it, It’s Great

This article is sponsored by Verizon FiOS. All opinion herein are my own.

Before Verizon FiOS, I had an internet provider that literally made me cry. It was so slow. I would lose the flow of my work while waiting for the internet. Now my internet speed is fast, my children taught me how to use the remote and I rediscovered my love of a home phone.


fios remote control


I have been a Verizon FiOS ambassador for quite a while now. It has been a joy to be an ambassador for several reasons. The most important one is that my family got to enjoy everything about the product/service that I did. The lightning fast internet makes it possible for my husband to make VOIP phone calls that sound as if they are on the sturdiest of landlines. I use the internet for work and the video meetings have never been so smooth, easy and enjoyable. My children enjoyed any things including the DVR feature, teasing their parents and siblings while calling our cell phones from the home phone and downloading more apps on their tablets than I can count.

The first thing you need to do if you want to experience the joy of Verizon FiOS at your house is to make sure the Verizon FiOS service is available in your area. The created a great website that allows you to check from the comfort of your home. Click here to check it out.After you discover  that you can get FiOS installed at your house, the next step is to pick out the plan that will work best for you and your family’s needs. You can either get everything separately or you can get a bundle of services.  I chose a bundle because it was such a great price for everything – home phone, television and internet.

Many people have satellite television and they may wonder whether satellites of fiber optics are better for the environment. Verizon answered that question here. Verizon has also provided some great information on protecting your children online. This article was particularly helpful.


children trying to get tablet



Whenever someone asks me about FiOS, I tell them how much I really like it. My friends online an in the real world laugh at my stories about my kids using FiOS in all kinds of crazy ways. If I have said it once, I have said it one hundred times – I never though you could play Marco Polo with a landline phone until I saw my twins do it!  My daughter who is away at college likes the FiOS app because it lets her watch whatever she wants even when she is out of her dorm and away from her television.

I am not going to exaggerate and say that Verizon FiOS will change the world, bring peace to all mankind and revolutionize life as we know it. I will say that it will make life better for your family.  How many times have you gotten angry with your spouse or children because they talked over an important part in the movie or television show you looked forward to watching all week? FiOS television allows you to rewind and catch what you missed. Have you ever tried to answer a homework question and gotten stuck? If you have, you know that quick internet speed may save your life and your sanity! If you have a child away at college with young siblings at home, you will like giving the young ones the home phone instead of your cell phone.


all devices on fios


As I stated, I like Verizon FiOS, it makes my life as a working mom, particularly a mom who works at home better and easier to manage.  If you want to read more stories to see how my family and I use Verizon FiOS in the real world, check out the following:
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After you check out all the fun my family has been having with Verizon FiOS, go to here to see if Verizon FiOS is available in your area and get it for your family.

Take Care of Yourself, Amwell to the Rescue

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.



amwell sign up screen


I just discovered a new service called Amwell that is amazing and will help busy working women take better care of themselves. Busy women will be sure to get their spouses and the children to doctor’s appointments whenever they are needed. At the same time they often put off going to the doctor’s office themselves. Amwell is a service that lets you see and talk to a real doctor online to get medical help. It is a amazing service.

Yes, you are busy, but you can still talk with a doctor and get the help you need to stay healthy.

Recently I discovered an amazing service that allows you to see and speak with a doctor over the internet from the comfort or your own home. The service is called Amwell. The name itself is great and makes you feel that you will get good results. After all, how can you not like a service named “Am well!” The whole process is really rather simple. You go to the Amwell website and click the green “Sign Up” button in the upper right corner. Once you click the sign up button the process is rather simple. One of the things I like d was that you were asked all the same questions you are asked to fill out on the forms when you go to the doctor’s office in person. do. As part of the sign in process, I was asked to provide my insurance information so that the insurance company could be billed for the visit. For people who did not have insurance, the fee for the visit was a mere $49.00 which was great for a doctor’s visit! I was even asked to select a local pharmacist in case I needed a prescription to be filled.


amwell pick a doctor


Years ago, when I first started selecting my doctors, I had a big paper manual from the insurance company that listed the names, addresses and phone numbers for various specialties. I picked doctors based on what was closest to home and work. I never saw the doctors before walking into their offices for the first time. With the Amwell site, I was able to select from more than 6 doctors who were pictured on the site. There was even one doctor pictured who was not available at the moment, but I was able to wait in the “Waiting Room” for her. This was so incredible to me. There was a video plugin that I had to install on the computer so the doctor and I could see and speak to each other. The download and install took mere minutes to do.

The Amwell site was designed with modern technology in mind. I say this because not only can you use the Amwell service on your computer or laptop. You can also use it on your tablet device. WHen I checked out th site on my Android tablet, I was prompted to get the app from the app store. This flexibility shows that the people behind Amwelll are creating a service with clients and their technology in mind.

After the install, the screen told me that the doctor would be available to talk with me in just a few moments after she read my chart. It was really quite exciting. When the doctor came on the screen she was quite personal and had great video side manner. It was obvious that she had read the medical history I provided. She listened attentively as I explained why I was calling and what matter concerned me. She talked with me, asked some questions and gave me her advice on how to handle my concern. All in all, using Amwell to seek medical care it was a rather pleasant experience. I would definitely use the service again and recommend it to others.

Here is a video to give you another look at Amwell and the great service it provides.


The great folks at Amwell have given me a special coupon code that will allow you to get your first visit for FREE. Just go to the Amwell site and use the code “CARENOW13 .” That is absolutely amazing! Now that you have read my experience and seen the video and have a coupon for a free visit, what types of medical questions would you like to discuss with an Amwell doctor?

Take Action Now – Reach Out and Touch Your Dreams

work towards your dreams

Today is the day to take action now and get things done because your dreams are closer than they appear. If you take action now you can take a step closer to reaching them. If you take action now each day, you will be able to reach out your hands and touch the things in your dreams. If you continue to take action now each day, you will look back at your dreams and say mission accomplished!

Take action now and move toward your dreams, you are living anyway so start making the life you want.

Some people look at your dreams and say you are dreaming the impossible dream. Stop listening to those people. Your dreams are right at hand and you can reach them if you take action now each day towards achieving them. It doesn’t matter if you cannot see your hand touching the dream. It doesn’t matter if the journey from today to dream accomplished is a million miles. Think about it realistically. If there are a thousand steps between today and dream accomplished and you take one step today, tomorrow there are only  to go. Realistically, if you actually take action now and start working towards your dreams there will be many days when you take two, five or even ten steps. There will also be days when you take just one step. The amount of steps you take each day does not matter, what matters is that you must take action now each day.

As you take action now each day and take one step, five steps or 100 steps, as time passes, you will see that your dreams get closer with each step you take. Each item you cross off your to-do list brings you closer to touching your dream. One of my favorite sayings is an old one from Jesse Jackson, “if my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it, then I can achieve it.” That is the wonderful thing that people miss when they think about how hard it is to reach their dreams. If you can think of a thing, if you can imagine a possibility and then believe you can do it, you really can get the thing done. When you want to get things done, you get them done. When you don’t want to get things done, you find excuses not to get them done. The bottom line is, you are going to touch something, so you must decide if you want to touch your completed dream or a pile of excuses.

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Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Jobs

Entrepreneurs are part of the world


No matter what the size of your business, be thankful for it. Your business does more than simply provide a service or product. It also provides jobs to others you may not see. You are not just an entrepreneur, you are a superhero!

Every business is part of a puzzle, creating jobs seen and unseen.

One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is handing someone a paycheck. Over the course of my life as an entrepreneur I have provided jobs to writers, accountants, secretaries, consultants, law clerks and assistants. These people all worked for my companies and depended upon me for a paycheck in order to care for their families. It is a great thing and a wonderful blessing to be able to provide a job and income that allows another person to care for her family.

It is a wonderful thing to be in a position to help another person provide for her family. It means that all business decisions must be made with not only your business and yourself in mind. You must also think about how your decisions impact your employees and their families. The responsibility makes you keenly aware of the fact that all people in the world are intertwined. The decisions you make as an entrepreneur vibrate out into the world far beyond your business.



It is important to take your role as a job creator seriously.

Even if you a solo operation with no employees, your business decisions matter far and beyond  your business. Your business needs supplies, tools and technology to operate. Once upon a time business communication was done via  the United States Postal Service so stationary was a big business expense. Today, much of that communication takes place via fax, email and text messaging. Businesses need to be in place to provide email service, internet access and the appropriate computer technology. When you operate a business that uses email you create a need for jobs. While you may never see, speak with or have any contact whatsoever with the companies providing your email, internet access and computer technology, yet you are contributing for to the need for those people to have jobs.

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No More Shiny Red Balls and Take Action Now



Take action now with an appreciation for the ability you have to go from dream to reality. Most of the time everything you need to get things done is right inside you, it is important to recognize the skills, talents and abilities that you have. As Jesse Jackson once said, “If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.”

Stop chasing all those shiny red balls and get things done!

So often people refuse to take action now and get things done because they do not believe they have the ability. These people dream big dreams over and over again, but they never actually accomplish anything. Often, these people are afraid to take action now. To mask that fear, they spend time chasing what my friend Nicole McLean of My Fantastic Boobies calls “shiny red balls.” Shiny red balls are all those things that promise to be solutions to your problems. They are the books, websites and webinars, conferences and articles that promise to give you all the tools, skills and magic you need to go from dream to reality.

These things are always so exciting, so enticing and so very attractive. The packaging, words and photos in them is so vibrant, intoxicating and appealing. They are just like shiny red balls, they bounce into your vision and your eyes are unable to resist.  Before you know what happened, you are off chasing another red ball aka get rich scheme, get 1,000 paying customers scheme or solve all your problems today scheme.

One of the reasons people are drawn to these shiny balls is because they work. The reason they work is because more often than not, they involve work. They ask you to work, to do something, to follow a plan. So, the secret is not actually the new article, the new webinar or the new software app. The secret is not a shiny red ball. The secret is actually an old, scratched dented basketball that has been left in a corner behind the couch. The secret to going from dream to a successful and happy reality is to work, simply put in the work.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be profitable so get started and improve along the way.

If you want to succeed and  go from dream to reality, it is important to remember why the grass is greener on the other side. It is greener because someone put in the work to make it happen. Instead of wondering why those around you are “lucky” and succeeding when you are not, get to work. Your work will help you succeed. Hard work beats dumb, blind luck every day of the week.

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Take Action Now and Get Just the Right Workplace

wahm create your office


When you are a WAHM, aka Work At Home Mom, you must take action now in order to find ways to get the most bang for your buck and use your space wisely. It is not like when you rent office space and you can just move to a bigger office!  Being a WAHM is definitely an area where you need to work smart, not just hard.


Working at home is great, but don’t forget satellite offices are good as well.


I truly enjoy being a WAHM. I like not having to commute, no dress code and being available to care for my children if they become ill. Normally, I get my children off to school and husband off to his work and go to my office in order to get done what needs doing. I like to work, so when I sit down at my desk and start working on my various projects for the various blogs and businesses I operate, normally,  I do not mind the lack of conversation with co-workers.


On those occasions when I do want to talk with another person or need to collaborate for a project or just to enjoy company there are quite a few tools at my disposal. One is the chat feature in Google. It is great to be able to have conversations about projects and life with friends, clients and collaborators. Using the computer to chat rather than texting on the smart phone is easy to do. It is nice to be able to say all I have to say without worrying about text message limits. It is also much easier to type on the computer or laptop keyboard than the smart phone keyboard.


There is something wonderful about seeing a person’s face when you talk to each other. When you can see a woman’s face and look into her eyes while you talk and see her reaction to your words it makes things flow in a natural manner. On those occasions, Google Hangouts and Skype are invaluable tools. Often our conversations flow freer and easier when we can see each other as we speak. Facial expressions and being able to gesture with your hands leads to richer more rewarding conversations.


At the same time, sometimes you need and indeed should, get out of the house and walk around among the living. When you want to get out and about there are a lot of options available to you. Once of the most popular options is the local coffee-house. Once or twice a week for the price of a large decaf, I can spend the morning with my laptop or tablet and work out in the world among a dozen or so other commuting workers. All of whom are hunched over one electronic device or another with a smart phone and a cup of something hot and delicious. Everyone is working on something different, but there is a bond of sorts because everyone is working in the same place at the same time.


My local library is also a great place to get out and work. I like it because it has something called a reading porch where you can read, do work and even eat and drink. It is a nice place to go with a packed lunch and spend the day working on projects in a new and different atmosphere. Like the local coffee-house, there are other people doing the exact same thing you are doing, so you have company and will not feel out-of-place.


Yet another option is shared work locations. In most major metropolitan areas and increasingly in smaller ones, you can rent an office, desk space or cubicle in an office complex. This is a great option because you get out, go to an actual office location and work. Many of these facilities boast great internet access, amenities like free coffee, conference rooms and the ability to network with others.


As all this shows, being a WAHM doesn’t mean you are alone all the time or that you are stuck working at home. Use technology like your laptop, tablet and smartphone to take your show aka work on the road and enjoy all the world has to offer!


Use your space wisely and create solutions custom-made for your space and work habits.


At the same time, when you do work at home, make your workspace comfortable and unique to your style and way of working. Don’t worry about all the ways your friends have set up their office spaces. Don’t worry about the new trends and cute magazine shots. Instead, create what you want and do things how you want. You will be happy and more productive that way.


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