Better Blogging Tips #032815

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It is sensational to find ways to get better at what you do. During my travels each week, I come across thousands of articles full of ideas for better blogging. I will share them with you here so that you can get better blogging. If you come across articles that will help others become better at blogging, please share them with me at: .

7 Things You Need to Know About SEO by Custom Fit Online
No matter what a blogger writes about, at the end of the day, she wants people to read her words. It is easier for readers to read words when they can kind them on internet search engines. This article gives a list of seven things bloggers need to know about SEO aka search engine optimization.

Use Technology in Ways That Matter- Evernote

Technology is a tool www.

It is terrific find a way to use technology  in a way that makes a difference in your life. Today, most people have more computing power in their back pockets than was once available in an entire room. For some people the technology is a boon. To others, it is a prison. If you would like your technology to be something you use to make your life better, check out programs like Evernote.

Like most programs, Evernote offers a free plan and a subscription based plan. Evernote is a word processor with data base functions. It is program that enables you to write,  collect, present  and information in wonderful ways. One of bye best things about Evernote is that it works on your tablet, phone and computer. This means that instead of being chained to your desk, you and your information  can hit the road.


5 Ways To Take Action Now & Win Reward- No Fear

It is magnificent to take action now and win because there is no reward for fear. People often ask me how I get the courage to take action now and keep moving even when things are hard. I tell them it is because I am I church girl, through and through. My faith as a Christian woman is inseparable from who I am as a person. I hang my hat on the following quote from the King James version of the Bible:


This passage reminds me always that I do not have to be afraid to try things, to grow and to succeed. I have been endowed with great and wonderful characteristics that outweigh fear and guarantee that in the end, I will succeed. If fear is keeping you from taking action now and succeeding, be encouraged, there is help and there is hope. If you are afraid to take action now, try one of the following methods to overcome your fear and act.

1. Make a Chart of Pros and Cons

2. Ignore the Fear and Push Forward

3. Make a List of the Best and Worse Possible Outcomes

4. Start A Journal of Times You Faced Fear and Won

5. Recruit a Friend to be Your Cheerleader