Want Better Balance – Enjoy the Good Moments

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It may not be possible to divide your time evenly between home and work but you can balance better if you learn to enjoy the good moments. So often when we are at work we feel guilty because we are not at home. Then, when we are at home or we take time away from work for family, we feel guilty for taking time off from work. What if instead, we enjoyed work when we are at work and enjoy home when we are at home?

Go to Work and Enjoy It, Let the Guilt Go

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If you are a woman who works outside the home, guilt is often a constant companion. When you are at work you think about the things you need to do at home, the family events you are missing and if your family would be better off with you at home full-time. For some, the guilt is a constant nagging presence that never seems to go away. For others, the guilt is only noticeable when going to work means that a child’s school play is missed or dinner is served without mom being at the table. No matter which type of guilt you feel, let it go.

When you are at work, you will experience good things. There will be projects that are pulled off successfully. There will be raises, promotions and celebrations at work. Those are good things. Those are things you will want to celebrate and enjoy. Do it and don’t feel bad about it. Go to work, enjoy it and just let the guilt go.

Unemployed? Time to Make Family Stronger and Better

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If you are out of work, take the time to make your family stronger and better. It is not easy to be out of work. Some people shut down and close themselves off from family when they are out of work. This is a mistake. If you are out of work, step up and use this time to make your family stronger, better and closer. You will be glad you did.

You Have the Time – Work to Make Your Family Stronger and Better

Work is important. There is no doubt about. However, most of us work in order to make life better for ourselves and our families. Often we spend so much time at work that we have nothing left for our families when we get home at the end of the day. This is not a complaint, merely a statement of fact. It takes time, lots of time to build a successful career or business. Since there are only 24 hours in each day each extra hour that gets added to the 8 hour work day must be deducted from time spent at home with the family. While family members understand that you must work in order to provide for the family, it still hurts when you miss dinners, school plays and athletic events.

It is natural to be embarrassed or even angry when you find yourself between jobs. It may even feel natural to turn away from family. It may even seem like a good idea to try to avoid family and potential embarrassment about being out of work. This is a mistake. It would be much better to turn towards family and find ways to make family bonds stronger and the relationships better. Even if your family relationships are all perfect, it is still good to work to make them stronger and better. Think of it like building a house, no one ever complains that the foundation is too strong!

Take Action Now to Get Mentally Healthy and Strong

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Too often, people ignore the need to be mentally healthy and strong. This is a mistake. You must take action now to get, maintain and protect your mental health.

Good Mental Health Makes Living Life Easier

Part of mental health is the ability to deal with stress, physical illness and the demands of life. It is not easy to be to be a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, an employer and an employee all at the same time. But those things must be done. All those roles must be met. If you are not in good mental health, it is harder for you to take of your physical appearance. Each day I talk with women all over the world. It is one of the beauties of modern life, social media and a good internet connection. I am always amazed at how many women are tired, stressed out and almost unable to carry on mentally. Without fail, these women are taking care of others – spouses, children, friends and co-workers. They give their all to others and at the end of the day have nothing left to take care of themselves. The struggle for good mental health is so bad that some of them are suffering from depression, unable to watch the news without dissolving into tears. It is time for all these women to take action now and do something different.

If you feel stressed all the time, if you are often highly aggravated by your family and friends, it may be time for you to look at your mental health and make changes. Mental health is a precious and valuable commodity. Each person needs to treat her mental health as though it is a valuable commodity that must be protected from all who would try to harm it. It doesn’t matter if those harmful forces are internal or external. When mental health is not at optimal levels it effects other areas of life. Mental health problems may cause problems with digestion or cause one to engage in negative emotional eating habits. Mental health problems may impact upon the ability to get a good and satisfying night’s sleep. This lack of sleep will cause problems with personal relationships and job performance.


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One of the great benefits of good mental health is that when one moves from bad mental health to good mental health the following things are possible: