Thrilling Thursday – What is Possible After a Business Fails — 7 Comments

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  2. These are very encouraging words to uplift an entrepreneur whose business has failed. You've learned from experience and are now passing down your expertise. Thank you.

  3. I love this. People don't talk enough about what to do after failure. Maybe If we did it would not seem so bad. More like a part of life. We won't always succeed at everything.
    Thank you for sharing how you got back up after falling down.

    I'd love to see some post like this about personal life set backs. That is the area I have sturggled in more than in business.

    • Thanks for the suggestion about writing about personal life set backs. Lord knows I have had plenty. I will have to look into writing some posts about that. Perhaps you can guest post since you know how to find the joy in every situation.

  4. My advice for surviving a business failure is to write down everything you learned from the experience. Keep a record of those nuggets to share with other businesses in the future.

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