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  1. I can’t wait for the vision board post(s) I’ve been meaning to really do one for SO long! My TAN item is to get control of my finances again, life has thrown me a bit off kilter and I need to regain balance fast!

    • I am looking forward to it also! I learned about vision boarding at the PowerUp Weekend conference. Dr. Cutts who gave the seminar did a great job and got me excited about it. She was even kind enough to send me information later. When you get yours done, be sure to share.

  2. My TAN item is getting my email in order. I have 5 different accounts, and just got some great advice on how to better manage them. Doing that will give me so much extra time in my life. Going to TA…NOW on that. Please be my accountability person on this and check in on me tomorrow? Please???

    • Brandi Jeter you want me to check in and make sure you do something you need to do, and possibly nag you until you get it done? Let me see if I can stretch my mother of four skills to handle that. hahahahahaha

    • I am glad you liked the new design. I looked through hundreds of templates and tried out dozens before finding this one. I kept my old header because my blog has done so well since Brandi Jeter did it for me. I think it will follow me forever!

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