Cell Phone Camera – Use Technology in a New Way — 6 Comments

  1. Love the tip about remembering where I parked! Does that I’m mean I’m old and forgetful or just one very busy mama? Either way, I am definitely using this tip this week.

  2. I use my camera phone for everything! Honestly, if I could, I’d give everyone in the world a cell phone with a nice camera. It’s a great way to record life happening and reflect on it later!

    • That is so sweet! It reminds me of a commercial from when I was a little girl, “I’d like to give the world a Coke and keep it company.” It would be wonderful if everyone could have a phone with a nice camera to record and reflect, so very sweet.

  3. receipt records…I need to do that… I almost burned down a store because of the nonsense rule about not having my info and not being able to exchange hair remover … did i mention I wanted to burn it down :/

    • Calm down Ms. Cintron, calm down. Photograph your receipts so you will not be calling me from jaiil on an arson charge asking for bail money. hahahahaha

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