Spring into New Technology With Cloud Based Storage — 12 Comments

    • Darla, I didn’t think about Google and all they know about me without all more stored info. Wow, something to seriously think about!

  1. I love your run down of cloud storage! I need to get better at backing up…And oh how I miss those floppy disks:)

  2. I just love Google drive, but I’m also pretty happy with my Apple products, since we have iPhones and MacBooks and iPads. It just makes everything sync so wonderfully!

  3. I use Google drive all the time! I tried Dropbox but haven’t fully committed. I still like my old fashioned external harddrive for those things I CANNOT lose 🙂

  4. The company I use for my clients for their images uses cloud based storage. I am a huge fan : ). Great post. Very informative. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Thanks for your kind words! I hope you have a lovely weekend also. BTW I really liked your Meaning of Easter post and all the BEAUTIFUL photos.

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