5 Ideas for Great Service Which Leads To Great Customers — 8 Comments

  1. These are great ideas. I love the returning emails and calls within 24 hours. Nothing is more irritating than waiting a week for a return call, then the person calls wants to know what you called about. Um, it was on the voicemail 9 times out of ten!

  2. Great advice and I think quite a few people need to read this. I have worked in customer care and it is rough. But being kind and showing you care really helps the days go smoother for sure!

  3. I always say that great customer service will create word of mouth about you and that is THE BEST kind to have. Referrals are such a vital part to a business! If it is bad customer service, trust that the word will get out which will mean a bigger loss than you can afford to take!

  4. Problem solving is the BIG one for me. Even if the customer service rep ultimately isn’t able to, if I feel like they are really on my side and TRYING, I feel so much more confident that they care about everything else. great post (as always!)

  5. Customer service is extremely important. Sometimes, I will spend the extra money because I know my dollars will be appreciated and valued with customer service. And I am one who will leave a compliment when I receive it.

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