Walmart Family Mobile – Best Wireless Plan for Our Family? — 58 Comments

  1. This is really great to know. I have yet to look into this but I should! And, I love the crocheted case you made for her!!

  2. I like the Walmart family mobile plan. We got two phones, one with this phone you are showing, and one with a less sophisticated phone for my son. The plans are less expensive and they are both quite happy.

    • The money we would save if we all switch would definitely come in handy. I am glad to hear it is working for your family. That make sme feel good about the prospects.

  3. We are in the process of switching phone service. The unlimited talk and text looks like something I should get for my daughter who doesn’t really need web access right now. Thanks!

  4. I already knew that Walmart’s plan was crazy affordable, but I didn’t realize how inexpensive those phones are too! You never see nice phones like that for that cheap without a contract. I’m impressed!

  5. That is a great deal! Thank you so much for sharing this one because we are actually shopping for phones and we don’t really want to pay such a huge amount of money every month and nice to know that Walmart does offer such a deal. Great phones too!

  6. We love walmart but we haven’t bought phones from them. We asked before about their service, they offer great deals indeed.

  7. that is a great deal, if its not for my husband’s work we could have change a better and cheaper plan too.

  8. I’m seriously thinking of getting a phone for my 11 year old son because he’s in scouts and basketball and I want him to have a way to get a hold of us if he needs to. Long gone are the days of pay phones.

    • My son will be 11 soon and wants a phone. He is not as active as your son though. But you are right, there are no pay phones any more. I miss them.

  9. I love the idea to crochet the case for the phone, a wonderful mix of tradition and modern technology. We are about to switch to a new carrier, so I will be in the market for a new phone and new plans, so Walmart just got added to the list of stores to check out!

  10. $40 per month is a great price for a phone…and great for the teeny-bopper in your family for sure. Love that little green bag for it.

  11. It’s really difficult to find a plan that works for everyone’s needs, especially when there’s a teen in the family. When I was teaching, most of what my students complained about revolved around their cell phones and how their parents chose the “wrong plans.” 😉 LOL I know that my aunt and uncle shop at Wal-Mart a lot and are due for a new plan, so I’ll pass along this info to them. With two teenage daughters, they need all the advice they can get- haha.

  12. Thank you I keep trying to find info online thru reviews about the price of the phones and no one has ever included that in their review…. Thank you so much for taking the time to include the prices on their phones also I really needed that

  13. cute case you made- she will love it!! my hubby uses WFM and has for about 6?? months. its been great for us

  14. That sure sounds like a great plan. I have a Vodafone mobile Internet on my latpotp plan for unlimited data for E20/month, but only was able to get this because of being a student three years ago (I’m still a student but they don’t offer this discount anymore). I don’t use a smartphone.

  15. I have heard of this already and it seems like such a crazy deal!!!!! I definitely am going to check into this when my contract is up! I can’t stand Sprint anymore!

  16. I live in Canada 🙁 But it would be great if Walmart brought those kind of packages here. Canadian cell phone bills are crazy and we could use some more competition.

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