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  1. I am terrible at saving money so I had to try this! I am going strong into week 6 and doing the double challenge. Tell your sister to hang in

  2. I Love this idea! Tried it last year and only got to week 4 or 5. I know this year is going to be better. Week 2 and already have more saved then I should.

  3. This is a great way of saving (and learning to save for some adults!). It’s great to bump up the ante if you can. Double or triple the amounts – then put the end of year fund right on your mortgage loan principal. Knocking off that interest (and years) is worth it!

  4. I saw a similar savings plan last week and I think it’s a great idea. I love that verse, by the way. And it just-so-happens… I could really use that reminder right about now. Thanks 🙂

  5. I’m also doing this challenge but have rearranged the order of the savings amount so that instead of getting progressively larger, it’s more mixed in.

  6. I struggle between paying off debt and saving. This year my goal will be to become debt free…other than mortgage, while keeping an emergency fund available.

  7. I love that money challenge chart! We JUST did a budget for the first time since we’ve been married (over 5 years ago). Our goal this year is to save $6000!

  8. Keep in mind, faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. I love this verse! I also like the idea of saving money and this sounds like a great plan and I can’t wait to implement this.

  9. i did a post on this earlier in the week- w an excel spreadsheet download. it’s got an option for reverse 52 weeks so we can start high and end lower. that’s what we’re doing this year.

  10. I started this last year with a jar and ended up spending the money here and there, but it was good extra cash. I’ve started it again this year. It’s a 1.00 the first week 2 the second 3 the third and so forth. It could be good Christmas money if I make it.

  11. I tried this last year, but it wasn’t for a savings account or that amount. The idea was to save until I had enough to finally buy a smartphone and enter the 21st century. It came by quickly enough and the best part was that I didn’t feel like it damaged my finances at all since they were such small weekly amounts.

  12. A friend of mine just explained this concept to me last week. I love thinking how I could save up to $1400 a year so easily!

  13. I have seen something like this and have decided that it is something that many could accomplish. I think it would be great to see it come to a reality!

  14. I have seen a lot about the 52 weeks of saving this year. While I use other methods to save, I think it’s an excellent plan for those who are just starting.

  15. I really want to work on saving this year. I love this 52 weeks of saving because it literally seems like pennies you’re saving and you end up with a lump sum so it’s not stressful in any way!

  16. We have not be able to save for quite some time. but I can do $1 a week and I would feel accomplished to be able to save *something*.

  17. We did that savings thing last year where we started with $52 dollars the first week (since we had the money) and then went down every week… by this Christmas we had a huge chunk saved up and we didn’t stress at all. It was nice

  18. I saw a sign or post going around on FB about saving just a few dollars a week and you will end up with a good chunk of money at the end of the year. Great way to save

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