Four Steps to Organize Your Finances — 7 Comments

  1. I balance my checkbook on a monthly basis but I really need to start organizing myself better with budget and business expenses. I scramble every year trying to find receipts and such. I need to do this!

  2. Thank you for all the information. I’m hoping beyond hope 2014 is much better than 2013. Our financial woes are in the medical area. With my son sick and in the hospital for 4 days last year and my husband having surgery it’s been a nightmare. I’m trying to organize us better this year and get us on an organized schedule

  3. I need to organise my own finances more, I tend to just take it as it comes and not keep the best records which I know is not a great habit!

  4. I rather like your tag where you say “Take Charge”! So important when it comes to finances to take charge, be organized and pay on time. Thanks for the good reminder.

  5. i’m the worst when it comes to organizing my finances which is why i’m in debt i’m sure. I am going to print this out and put it where i can review it daily thank you

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