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  1. Great tip! I’m the queen of to do lists. I’m even thinking of starting a master to do list to coordinate all the other ones. 🙂

  2. I’m one of those crazy people that actually does better if there’s a little procrastination involved. I always produced the best work on projects in my office when I was down to the due date, and some of my best papers in college were written in the hours before class!

  3. To Do Lists are awesome– but I find that too many things on the list just stresses me out. I try to end my work day by deciding what the three most important things are to accomplish tomorrow. When I finish those, I can go on to smaller tasks and repeat the process. Like Brandy mentioned, timing helps me as well– I always think about “work expanding to full the time allowed” and try to allow less time to complete things.

  4. I need to be better about procrastination. I do enjoy a timed deadline though, ,like when time is running short I simply work faster and more efficient. I am not sure why I am wired this way.

  5. I do this every night on a little post-it. I think about what I need to do the next day (especially in regards to work), write it down on a post-it and stick it to my computer. Otherwise, I’ll sit down and get totally sidetracked perusing social media sites and what not. Great tips!

  6. Thank you for sharing these tips on beating procrastination. I am so good at not procrastinating on work-related things, but other stuff, like cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc…that’s where I fail! Making a to-do list always helps me stay on track!

  7. This is something I really need to work on. I have two part time jobs on top of two blogs and three children… and I still can’t manage to keep a list! Aaaaggh…

  8. I used to be a procrastinator. I think I’m over it now, but I will admit that sometimes when I get overwhelmed, I freeze. That should probably tell me something about how busy my life is, right?

  9. Procrastination is something that a lot of people out there deal with. I would highly suggest making a list of daily tasks and checking them off as you go along. This will help keep you motivated and create good habits. I personally do this and it’s helped me greatly.

  10. I have been great at procrastinating lately. I really need to change that. I have been trying to plan in advance what i need to do next and keep myself accountable… I still just blame it on the winter weather… LOL

  11. You are so right…I know when I actually right down everything that is floating around in my head as “things that need to get done” I actually get them done. It also help me plan my day accordingly. So writing things down & seeing them will help you curve your procrastination spirit. Thanks great article & reminder!

  12. I definitely agree. When I have the list ready and waiting I am so much more likely to get things accomplished.

  13. Thanks for a great post and a great eye opener.. I soo need a kick in the you know what to get me going lately.. I know I can always count on you to get me going; thanks for sharing

  14. I just learned this principle (SMART goals) in my college class. I am still horrible about making a daily to-do list, though.

  15. I’m pretty good about not procrastinating. I live by lists. But I do find myself wasting a lot of time lately.

  16. This is amazing. And you are right. When you are creating a plan, you know exactly what to do because you can see it and you have it all planned out. This reminds me of the owner of this house that we are renting. He is so particular about things and he always has book to where he keep a list of things to do and things he did that particular day. He said it helps him.. He knows what to do that day and he has a way of tracking things when he is able to list it down.. It makes him get up everyday and do things because he knows exactly what he needs to do that day.. And we thought that was really wonderful of him. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Having a list helps me, but I still procrastinate if there is too much going on – the TV on or music on, Facebook, etc. I really have to shut out everything but the work that needs done to focus.

  18. Bookmarking this one. Procrastination is my middle name – mostly because I don’t plan well enough and then get overwhelmed.

  19. I am definitely a planner. I don’t over procrastinate when it comes to anything, besides laundry! I make lists for everything- groceries, errands, blog posts, and even meals I am going to make for the week.

  20. I am a list maker! I plan my day and my week and it helps me feel accomplished. On those rare days I don’t plan, I find I don’t get anything done.

  21. These tips to beat procrastination are fantastic, I really needed this. I’m going to start implementing this system right away….well, maybe tomorrow. LOL!!

  22. Great tips! My only problem is with the “realistic” part. I tend to put way too many things on my list and then get irritated because I can’t get it all done.

  23. I really, really need to take on the idea of creating a to-do list. I am a horrible procrastinator in some areas of my life. It’s because of procrastination that I am here now! LOL I think that a set list each day could do wonders for keeping me on track.

  24. I completely agree with this procrastination tip! I am bad about putting off what I need to get done, but when I make a list, it’s much easier to tackle everything and get finished.

  25. I find that planning out my week and just doing my tasks helps me out! I suffer from ADD so I have more difficulties staying on task sometimes. When I get up I think about what I need to do in the day and that is another way to keep me on track.

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