Take Action Now to Find Out the Next Step — 38 Comments

  1. A lot of good advice here. I tend to be a procrastinator but that is something I am working on.

  2. Awesome post with some great advise! We have to take the steps in order to achieve our goals nor matter how small they are. Love your blog!

  3. Very true that if we take steps now it has an impact for our future. What I want to start doing is start eating less and start exercising.

  4. I really need to TAN with eating healthy. One small misstep is all it takes to throw things off for me.

  5. You’re right. Sometimes it is easy to just stay stuck rather than taking that first step.

  6. it is good to go for something you really like with passion. Just proceed, no regrets 🙂

  7. I love this post! I sometimes put off taking action, waiting for the right moment, until that moment is gone

  8. I totally agree! It can me a good or bad outcome, sometimes it’s what you make of it!

  9. This is very helpful. I keep trying to manage my time during the daytime to get more work done… and it’s not working so well. I keep coming across “road construction” but don’t have a back up plan.

  10. Such good advice. You always give me something to think about! Thank you!

  11. Your posts are always full of such great advice. Thanks for sharing- I definitely need to remember to take action instead of waiting around.

  12. Great advice… I often come up with great ideas, especially right before bed… I just need to step up and do it.

  13. I always love your posts! So, motivating and thought provoking!

  14. I love that quote. I try to live by it everyday as I am on this weight loss journey.

  15. I love your advice. It make take baby steps depending on what I am trying to accomplish, but putting things off doesn’t help anyone.

  16. Great advice! You have to set goals and change those goals based on your needs. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I couldn’t agree more. And being a professional blogger definitely has its moments where things change quickly!

  18. that is a great quote! it’s so true…what you do today determines who you are tomorrow 😉

  19. The more practice we get at circumventing problems on the way to our goals, the better!

    • Totally agree, Liz!! Even tiny baby steps to get around problems make an impact!

  20. This is wonderful advice! I am a firm believer in taking action- even baby steps, to achieve something you’ve been wanting to accomplish!

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