Healthy Competition with Nestlé Pure Life #CBias #Shop — 32 Comments

  1. I like that water dispenser and I love that their bottles are BPA free. I tend to put bottles in the freezer which I know is really bad but it just makes me feel a little better when they’re at least BPA free. 🙂 Thanks for this informative post and wishing you lots of luck in your fitness journey!

  2. We don’t use small plastic water bottles, but we do drink a lot of water. I’m going to look into this brand.

  3. Having the water ice cold helps me. I freeze the bottles and then drink the water when it starts to thaw. Good luck on your challenge.

  4. My daughter drinks a lot of bottled water. I wonder if she knows that her favorite comes in the large jugs?

  5. I love water. I need to get more in though. I’m really good when it comes to limiting my soda intake though.

  6. I’ve just started getting in shape agai myself, so I am paying close attention to more water in take.

  7. I am a huge water drinker. So, i think this is a great competition and reason to learn more about the benefits of drinking water. Good luck to you!

    • Thanks for your good wishes. By the end of this competition, I will be a huge water drinker instead of a huge person! That is a nice switch.

  8. I have never tried this water before, I have seen it, but have just never tried it. I have been slowly getting off soft drinks for weeks now—it’s hard!

  9. What a great competition! I’m definitely a soft drink drinker, but if we had a 5 gallon dispenser filled with Nestle Pure Life Water I bet I would grab a glass of water more throughout my day. It would be awesome if they sold these at Walmart – I’m there all the time! Thanks for sharing! #client

    • I have started using those water flavor enhancement drops and that helps me a great deal. I also like it when the water is COLD. Thanks for your good wishes for me on the challenge.

      • Thanks! I try to set little time goals for myself, like at noon I should have a certain amount consumed. Maybe I can give myself some sort of treat for achieving it.

  10. I have tried this water before. However, I had no idea that it came in the large jugs. I will have to price check to see if it would be better to purchase it like that instead of singles.

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