Every Powerful Classic Was Once an Impertinent Upstart — 20 Comments

  1. When you look back through history you really do find examples of things that would have never been though classic, to be so now and favorites of oh so many people. Bittersweet victory, especially if the originator never saw it come to pass.

  2. A great reminder on how I want to start 2016! I think this is a quote that I should print out for my desk!

  3. I think everyone should keep this quote in mind when they are pursuing their passion. This is a great mindset to have starting off the new year.

  4. This is really helpful to keep in mind. I really have to remember “GIGO.” That may encourage me to always do my best.

  5. I just LOVE that quote! It really hit me when reading it. It is hard to see what your creation could be… But wow! A classic!

  6. This is something I’ve been trying tell myself lately. Thanks for the reminder that we all start somewhere.

  7. This is such an empowering thought Everyone has to start somewhere!

  8. Such a cool perspective. And I’m a total Langston Hughes fan. It’s so interesting to me that every amazing thing that becomes widespread was once only in someone’s mind.

  9. What a great reminder that we all started somewhere. I think it helps to think of that.

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