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4 Things Children Learn When You Give Them a Job — 26 Comments

  1. My daughter and I have been filling her piggy bank with left over change from the day. She is two so identifying coins and value is where I am starting along with the whole reason why we save. I am hoping to install a value in her that will get her through adulthood in great financial position.

  2. I think it is extremely important that children from a young age, regardless of financial standing, learn the ins and outs of fiances. It will save them a lot of drama if they learn sooner rather than later.

  3. I did have to work for an allowance. It was helpful to show me what a dollar was worth!

  4. SO TRUE. Our kids have a set amount of money in their hands, and that’s that. We don’t buy them anything that is EXTRA, they have to figure out a way to earn the cash themselves (they are 13 and 16). So far, they’ve managed to buy quite a few things!

  5. I grew up in a wealthy household, so I never really learned to appreciate money until I got myself in debt as an adult. That’s when I figured it all out. It’s SO important to teach kids from an early age.

  6. This is is so true. My daughter is 4 and I from a previous party she took a bunch of gold coins. I now use those coins to reward her when she does jobs around the house. She gets excited to do work because she knows she can get gold doubloons lol

  7. I have my 12 yearvokd son doing work I would have given a VA. He likes earning his own money and contributing to the success of our family venture.

  8. Just last night we had this, my 7th grader wanted to go to dinner with her track team, but she also got a babysitting job… she ended up babysitting when we told her she had to use her own money to go to dinner.

  9. I have noticed the kids (young or older) are very much more prone to spending carefully if the money in question is there own. 😉 The older ones are starting to realize money doesn’t grow on trees. The youngest has a ways to go still. 🙂

  10. This is a great message to get out there. My kids work for it and I’m proud that they get it.

  11. Totally agree. We do our kids a real disservice if we just give them everything. They need to understand the value of money and experience the rewards of a job well done.

  12. My daughter has been doing some work for me that normally I would hire out to a VA for, and it has been great. She has a goal of something she wants to buy, and she is doing really well saving and not spending.

  13. I have to book mark this post for when my 9 month old began to ask me for things in a few years. I’m not going to inform child labor but i’ll start him off with picking up his toys when he done with them. Great read and advice.

  14. It’s always good to start them off at an early age. Even something as simple as putting away toys is. To each their own I guess

  15. It is so important to teach kids the value of money when they are young. Having them earn it definitely does make them much more aware about spending it!

  16. My children are still toddlers, but we are beginning to teach them the value of money and work. They have their own cash register and “buy” groceries to make meals.

  17. This! “As parents, it is our job to take care of these things and not burden our children with those worries. As a result, they often think there is some endless supply of money to cover everything the children desire.” You’re so right. I’m trying to teach my almost 4 yr old this very thing.

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