5 Ways to Achieve Work Life Balance — 28 Comments

  1. Balance is much easier when boundaries are in place. Letting others know what to expect – and not to expect – from us makes a big difference. Of course, we must develop the discipline to sticking to those schedules, too! Great post!

  2. I have so many alarms on my phone it’s not funny. Wake up, take a break, end of work day, haha. Sometimes they just don’t work though. My family for the most part does respect my work hours, it seems to be myself that doesn’t. I’m still working on my work-life balance.

  3. This is an area of my life I am really working on right now. I am traveling a lot with the boys right now still trying to keep up with work and their schooling. It is all a bit overwhelming.

  4. I love using my smart phone calendar, I like that I can set my alarm a full day in advance.

  5. I love having a calendar on my computer that syncs with my phone. Just makes life so much easier.

  6. Great advice! I think the respect of hours is extremely important, especially with social media. When people see you on social media they assume you are available, you have to definitely inform them that you are not.

  7. I really need to work on my work life balance. It’s going to be harder when my second child gets here in December but I know I will find some way to manage.

  8. I so need to start using my phone calendar I mean i carry my phone everywhere I go and yet I use a pocket calendar in my bag, makes no sense really.

  9. These are GREAT tips! I love using my calendar alarm for “stand up and walk” reminders! Keeps me active and the change of scenery helps with not getting stuck!

  10. I really need to get better about setting a schedule. Right now there is a lot of stuff going on and it is always hectic!

  11. ALL these tips hit a chord with me! As a work from home Mom-preneur you have to be extra disciplined and these tips simply do make it easier! Thanks for sharing

  12. I am HORRIBLE with entering data in my ical. I seriously need one like they have at the hair dressers with multiple colored pens so I can keep track of everything.
    I am better with keeping my “work hours” but my “blogging hours” are all over the place.

  13. I have set certain hours and strictly stick to them. It has been a tremendous help.

  14. It’s definitley not easy, but sticking to a schedule definitely helps me!

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