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Use Your Technology to Get Healthy — 19 Comments

  1. You had me at FREE! lol..I will check it out. Will come in handy when I travel and get off of my regular routine. I’m also trying to get in my pre-baby exercise…she’s almost two!!!

  2. I recently joined a Fitbit group with some FB friends so now I have to get it together so I won’t be the only lazy one in the bunch. I am using peer pressure for good!

  3. I have a new app like you are talking about and it makes me cut down on stuff because I don’t want to have a record of eating 30 Oreos instead of 2.

  4. Nicole! hahahahahaha!!!! I think the apps will work better if you open them and do what they say.

  5. If you find that app for “magically create more time” I will download it so fast, your head will spin!

  6. I really like my Fitbit too. I am too embarrassed to check in that I ate certain things so now I cannot eat them and have to put the steps in so I can have the little treats I want!

  7. I just started using an app a couple of days ago to track my food and fitness and I’m already hooked! Good for you!

  8. I love the term “blogger butt” – it makes me laugh. I actually have quite a few healthy apps on my phone. I guess you’re supposed to open them if you want them to work.

  9. Great ideas for using technology! My husband and I are really working on getting healthier and are always looking for new ideas.

  10. I need to the app for “magically create more time”. Still, these all sound really great, and I might have to go download a few. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. I have several apps downloaded to try to assist me in my journey to better health. I am currently loving FitBit!

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