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Hello! It is nice to have you here. 020313 social media picture I am Janeane Davis. I believe every working mom can succeed and  be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation and that is why I blog at  Janeane's World. It is why I work each day to create resources designed to encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and home. Please feel free to click here to see my Media Kit.
I have been married to my wonderful husband Darren for 26 years and am the mother of four amazing children, my eldest daughter who is 20, my 13-year old son and the twin daughters who are 8 years old.
My undergraduate degree in organizational behavior may explain my desire to help people do things better, more efficiently and with more pleasure.  My law degree and work as an attorney trained me to look for ways to tell stories that audiences would want to hear.
You can see my love of telling stories in my blog articles and in the books I have written. I wrote the book "How to Advocate for Your Children to Succeed" in order to help parents use their skills and talents to help their children reach their own definitions of success. I am commonly known for my catch-phrase "Take Action Now." To help my readers and clients go from dreaming and planning, to actually living and doing, I created the five-part Take Action Now series of books.
    In addition to working as the creator and writer of Janeane's World, Founder and Executive Editor of PushingLovely.coma website created to showcase the writing of women by pushing women writers one story at a time. My writing on issues of critical interest to entrepreneurs can be found regularly featured on I am honored to have been named a member of the Global Team of 200 a dedicated group of members of Mom Bloggers for Social Good created to bring attention, awareness and help to issues involving women and girls, children, world hunger and maternal health. I serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of James, Davis and Associates  a consulting firm  a private consulting firm that was created to serve as a strategic planning resource to help businesses grow and thrive in the modern marketplace. My training and work as an attorney have given me a particular love for paying attention to detail, righting wrongs and spreading the word about good and worthy causes. I am happy that my opinions on issues involving family have been featured on
I have done sponsored posts and reviews for a number of companies with amazing products and services including: Walmart, Nestle, Verizon, Lexus, Walgreens, Cookies Kids, Comcast-
Spectacor, The Harlem Globetrotters, Johnsonville, The National Pork Board and Kotex.

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IMG_20160426_114307Euphoria Davis of Black Girl Brown Sugar has joined the Janeane's World team as a social media strar\tegist in June of 2012. She has a unique sense of socio-economic and women's issues that deserves attention.       Peyton Davis Creative Director
  Peyton Davis has joined the team as a creative intern Director. In that capacity, he helps dreams up the promotions, public relations and reader outreach for Janeane's World.      

Zahirah Davis the Photographer

  Our staff photographer, Zahirah Davis,  has a good eye for setting a scene and capturing the essence of the moment.             Camille Davis cuteness manager Camille Davis is the Cuteness Ambassador for Janeane's World. In that position, she helps determine the look and feel of the site. If you see something that is visually appealing, chances are Camille helped select the idea.    

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 Honorable Mentions

Featured on Pushing Lovely (Executive Editor) Featured on the BlogHer Network Featured on Project Eve Network (Contributing Editor) Featured on Evan Carmichael Featured on Bloggy Moms, was nominated as one of the Top Black Bloggers of 2014 and my opinions have been shared on .  

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Contact Me:

Snail Mail                          2737 Cambridge Street Suite 2 Philadelphia, Pa. 19130
Phone                               215 586 3897