Always be Learning Better Ways to Run Your Business

This article is part 4 of a 20 part series of business tips from James, Davis and Associates. These tips are designed to help you do better in business.  If you would rather read all the tips at one time, you may click here to purchase a beautiful full-color ebook that containing all twenty tips.


Smart entrepreneurs know that you can learn something new every day if you try. One way to help yourself succeed in business is to continually learn new ways to run your business. Many professions have continuing education requirements. These requirements ensure that those professionals are kept abreast of advances and changes in their respective industries. The continuing education requirements help ensure that customers and clients get the best products and services possible.


There are many paths an entrepreneur can take to continually learn. These include:


  1. Books
  2. Blog Articles
  3. Magazine Articles
  4. Open Course College Courses
  5. Traditional College Courses
  6. Social Media Networks
  7. Chambers of Commerce
  8. Networking
  9. Scientific Method



Books are an old tried and true means of learning information. If you want to learn established information books are a great place to start. They can give both an overview and a detailed analysis of information on a wide variety of topics. Books often have a long cycle between writing, publication, and distribution to the public, so it is important to make sure the information you are reading is current. Today, the rise of reliable and high-quality self-published books makes it possible for books to have up-to-date and reliable information in were not possible in the past.


Blog articles

Blog articles are a good source of information. Some blogs are well established and reliable sources of information like The Huffington Post. Other blogs such as Janeane’s World are written by authors who are experts on the topics they cover. There are millions of blog articles written each day which makes it possible for entrepreneurs to find a variety of articles on any topic the entrepreneur would like to learn.


Magazine Articles

Magazine articles are a good source of information. Magazines are published more often than books and less often than most blog articles. Magazines are typically limited in the topics they cover. This means they often become subject matter expert sources of information. Magazines are published often enough to provide up to date and relevant information that entrepreneurs will find useful.


Open Course College Courses


Many colleges and universities across the United States offer courses they normally teach in their brick and mortar buildings for free via the open course college course system. The open course format gives any person who would like access to the books, lectures, videos, and other materials that were used to teach the material in traditional classes. The open course college courses make it possible for an entrepreneur to take college classes in their own homes officers or any location they prefer. It is a great way to get the benefit of a college education without the expense and time commitment.



Traditional College Courses


Of course, entrepreneurs can always enroll in classes at a local college or take advantage of colleges that offer online coursework. Traditional college courses have benefits such as fellowship with other students all of the amenities and features found at a traditional college, professors that helped God learning, and has to make sure the material is actually learned.


Social Media Networks

Many people get their news via social media channels first and then verify the information later from another source. Savvy entrepreneurs join groups on social media or follow the social media channels of companies relevant to them. This is a great way to find out about changes in their respective industries, happenings with players in the industry, and current events in the industry.


Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of Commerce are great resources for entrepreneurs who want to learn. Many Chambers of Commerce offer educational programs on a wide variety of business topics. Entrepreneurs should take time to check the offerings at their local chamber of commerce.



Networking, the exchange of information or services among groups or individuals is a great way for entrepreneurs to learn new things and make great business connections at the same time. Keep my network and can be informal networking meetings for casual networking opportunities like standing in line at the supermarket or bank.


Scientific Method

The tried-and-true scientific method is another great way to learn things that are going on in your industry. The scientific method means you have a hypothesis AKA you have a question about something then do the research, see what happens, and then answer the hypothesis. In other words, an entrepreneur can learn a lot by trying things out to see what works and what doesn’t work in their business.


As this list of options has shown savvy entrepreneurs have a myriad of ways to learn everything they need to learn so that they can always be learning and always be improving their businesses. There was no need to restrict yourself to one learning method. Instead, try one two three or more to see which works for you and your business. Keep in mind, that one learning method may be good for some types of knowledge while other learning methods are good for learning other types of information. With this in mind, get up and get learning.


The following is the complete list of 20 Business Tips from James, Davis and Associates. Articles that have been completed are hyperlinked. Check back later if an article you want in the series has not yet been published. In the alternative, you may click here to be directed to a page where you will be able to purchase an ebook containing the entire  20 tips. 

  1. Create a plan to keep your business going if you get sick.
  2. Pay attention to where the money comes from for your business.
  3. Read, review, and revise your business plan on a regular basis.
  4. ABL –  Always Be Learning better ways to run your business.
  5. Update your technology as needed to remain productive.
  6. Update employee manuals to include job descriptions.
  7. Look for ways for your business to contribute to the community.
  8. Participate in career days at local middle and high schools.
  9. Communicate with fellow entrepreneurs on a regular basis.
  10. Never forget your business is a role model for other entrepreneurs.
  11. Make sure your business looks inviting and not chaotic.
  12. Clients will look for you on social media so put your best foot forward there.
  13. Do not dismiss customer complaints without objectively seeing if they are valid.
  14. Look for ways to improve customer service.
  15. Pay employees a fair wage and expect good quality work.
  16. Make sure you know every job needed in your business.
  17. Look for ways to give your employees rewards for increased productivity.
  18. Make sure the posts on your social media channels help your business.
  19. Obey all the relevant local, state, and federal laws.
  20. In business be old-fashioned, let your word be your bond.