In this article I am going to give you some great articles on blogging and business that I have found interesting during the past week. Be sure to check both sets of articles, there is often relevant overlap!

For Bloggers

1.     Many bloggers  spend a significant amount of time reviewing their blog statistics. This article from Inspire to Thrive discusses how improper HTML coding can cause a loss of site traffic.

2.     I have been advising readers to do spring cleaning at their businesses, this article from Social Media School advises spring cleaning be done on all social media accounts.

3.     Plugins are a must have for bloggers using the WordPress platform. This article from A Grande Life gives a list of 10 great plugins to check out for your blog.

4.     Pretty pictures make readers more likely to stick around and read blog articles. This article from Digital Image Magazine gives 25 Free Stock Photo Sites for bloggers can use to get royalty free images.

5.     Among my circle of bloggers, earning income is a major goal. This article from Simply Stacie   gives advice on how to keep track of blogging income.




For Entrepreneurs

1.     Entrepreneurs are increasingly using Facebook for marketing efforts. This article from Virtual Social Media gives information on how entrepreneurs can use Facebook effectively for marketing their businesses.

2.     Entrepreneurs often connect with each other via the professional social network, LinkedIn. This article from Social gives tips for job seekers using LinkedIn that may be quite beneficial to entrepreneurs seeking to make a good impression on the LinkedIn site.–interview-advice/1679/linkedin-setup—how-to-whip-your-jobseeker-profile-into-shape?utm_source=smt

3.      Entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing the value of using Pinterest. This article  from She Owns It gives five tips for entrepreneurs seeking to use Pinterest for their businesses.

4.    Pinterest is increasing in popularity among entrepreneurs and this article from Social Media Examiner  calls itself the definitive guide to business accounts on Pinterest.

If you come across an interesting article for bloggers or business people you would like me to highlight here, please email it to me at: janeanedavis@janeane’s It is sensational to get better at what you do. So, the question for you this sensational day is what steps are you taking to make your blog and business better?



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    • Glad you found something you liked! There are so many good articles each week to share. The next time Inspire to Thrive has one that speaks to you, let me know so I can share it.

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