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California Pizza Kitchen #CPK – Go Try Something New and Enjoy the Old #ad — 35 Comments

  1. Wow I like the policy of you try and you don’t like it you can get something else not many restaurants will do that. I wish they had one around here.

  2. Darnit, we don’t have a California Pizza Kitchen in my town. The pizza lover in me is very sad right now. And that dessert looks super good. Yum.

  3. When I first moved here (to L.A.) everyone was talking about CPK. I have yet to have anything there I don’t like, My fave is the bbq chicken pizza.

    I love the pic of the twins pizza! LOL!

  4. We don’t have these restaurants here, but the food looks incredible! Those desserts would be amazing.

  5. I definitely thought it was only going to be a pizza place! The crust is think and yummy looking how I like it! I bet it was amazing. The rib eye looks mouthwatering! I could eat a good steak right now!

  6. Wow. I had no idea they had such a huge menu, but we don’t have a location anywhere local to us so the only thing I’m familiar with is their frozen pizzas at the grocery store. I might have to grab one on my next shopping trip!

  7. I remember them well. When I lived in Los Angeles, there was one near me. I had a few meals there.

  8. Oh my, all of this food looks incredible! I’d love to try the halibut with grilled asparagus. Grilled asparagus is my favorite!

  9. You know I thought that they only sold pizza.. All of that looks so yummy! Mmm..

  10. I have never been to a California Pizza Kitchen. I have had the frozen pizza though, and it’s good…so I can only imagine it’s even better in person.

  11. Now that’s a place where the family would enjoy eating at. We love pizza and steaks and it seems like CPK has it all.

  12. There are too many things in this post that look good! I think I need to try that salad, though. It looks super yummy!

  13. I have always loved California Pizza Kitchen. One needs to open near us, soon!

  14. LOVE CPK! I have never tried the ribeye steak. I actually never even knew they served that. I must try that next time. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I had no idea they served all of that! Looks delish!

  16. My question is… when are they planning on expanding to Israel? We are in desperate need of great pizza here! They are all quite average and the way you described California Pizza, it would be a hit here!

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