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advocate for your kids www.janeanesworld.com  It is fantastic to know that you can use the skills you use at work to help your children succeed. Each day there are dozens and dozens of articles written about having it all and work life balance. Many of those articles complain about how work interferes with home or home interferes with work. What if instead, some of those articles talked about some of good things work has to offer your home life?  More »

The 7 Days to a Better Blog Challenge @BrandiJeter

7 Days to A Better Blog Challenge

The 7 Days to a Better Blog Challenge

by Brandi Jeter Riley

“Have you heard that there are well over 250 MILLION blogs on the internet?”

Brandi Riley, the blogger behind Mama Knows It All, has written her FIRST book, The 7 Days to a Better Blog Challenge for anyone who wants to blog or has a blog but wants to be better. Brandi is an advocate, mother, newlywed, and friend to many. She’s coached thousands of bloggers on what it takes to make money from their site.

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Email: brandi@mamaknowsitall.com

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It is magnificent to learn to take action now by reading a book and then moving forward. Most of us have things we want to accomplish, things we need to get done in a certain way, by a certain time. There are a myriad of reasons why we do not take action now and get them done. One of the most popular reasons is that we do not know how to take action now and do what needs to be done. In those cases, one thing we can do is, get a book for some ideas on how to take the action now that needs to be taken in order to succeed. One great thing about modern technology is that books are readily available, in our hands 24 hours per day.



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Learn to Take Action Now by Reading a Book



While traditional bookstores are closing across the nation and libraries are cutting hours, technology has filled the gap. More »

It is sensational to read a book that gives a different view of independence. There are a few characters in books that I liked as a child and still like as an adult. One of those characters is the one of a kind, Sherlock Holmes. As a child Holmes seemed smart, interesting and weird. As an adult, I see Holmes as a one of a kind, smart, interesting and weird character. I interpret Holmes as an independent figure who says what he means, means what he says and does not bow to worldly conventions. There is an interesting independent edge that I see in the character of Sherlock Holmes.

Click to get your own copy of Holmes.

Some will argue that Holmes is a know-it-all, self-centered, drug addict. More »

It is sensational to improve a relationship by reading books. There has been a book written on almost every subject under the sun. When people consider fun activities to do on dates, only rarely do they consider reading together. Similarly, once children reach middle school, only rarely do parents read with their children. This should not be. Books have the power to bring people together by allowing them to learn about shared interests. Books can also be used to teach people about things that are important to us that they may not know about.  Books can be used to heal broken hearts and to help us avoid conflicts. In these ways, books are our friends and can help us improvement improve our relationships.

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Let’s say for example it is time for “the talk” with one of your children and you just cannot find the words. No problem just head to your local bookstore or local library and find a book that says what you can’t. Next give the book to your youngster and ask her to read it. Then you can either talk about what she read, or you can ask her to write a report summarizing what she read. You can correct any errors and win that way, “the talk” is done! Here is another example. If you are having problems in your relationship  are trying to work it out, take a look in a book. There are books on almost every problem known to man. Read a book together and work it out.

In conclusion, it can be sensational for a relationship for people to read together. So, the question for you this sensational day is, has a book ever helped you make a relationship better?
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