Do You Know the Best Time to Read


In my opinion, the best time to read is all day every day and twice on Sunday. In 2012 the Pew Institute participated in a study to determine how many books the average American reads in a year. E-readers read approximately 24 books per year and traditional book readers read approximately 15 books per year. In a good year I read about 50 books per year. In a great year I read 75 books per year. All that reading takes time. If you are a working mom like me, with a husband, 4 kids, a dog and a cat, life is busy. It is sometimes hard to find time to read. It reminds me of the expression – “get it in where you can fit in.”



There are thousands of different reasons why a person should read. Some of them include:

* pleasure
* self-improvement
* education
* advance on work
* keep up with current events
* to spend quality time with children

4 Ways to Get a Healthy Reading Habit for Life




There are 4 ways to get a healthy reading habit for life. When I was a child, I watched Saturday morning cartoons. One commercial I remember was one that said, “reading is fundamental.” All my life I have loved to read. When I was pregnant with my twins, I got cravings for books the way other women craved pickles and ice cream.  I read for fun,  for education, for distraction for business purposes. I read, I read I read.

My mother-in-law always encouraged people to “get all you can and can all you get.” It was her was of saying a person should always be learning, getting all the information possible and saving that information. Reading is a great way to get information, a lot of information about anything one wants to know.  If you would like to become a better reader or a more frequent reader, try the following:
1.     Read what you like
2.     Read what you do
3.     Read what your friends read
4.     Read the classics

New Look at a Classic – The Adventures if Sherlock Holmes

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It is sensational to take  a new look at an old classic like  “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”  The expression, “It is elementary, my dear Watson,” is quite popular. It is a quick way to sum up the notion that  an idea, thought or concept is simple  and easily understood. Easily understood that is if one is well read, experienced  and well learned.

I missed the last part  of the expression when I first read it  many years ago. Many things  were simple aka elementary  to Holmes that were not elementary  to Watson. Watson was trained as a medical doctor and was an intelligent man in his own right. Holmes was observant and continued to study a vast number of things and educate  himself throughout his life. As a result, he had a  large body of knowledge. This made many things completely unknown to most people, elementary to Holmes.