4 Ways to Do Business Better, Get Stronger, Be Happy #040415


It is sensational to do better business, get stronger and be happy. Each week I come across thousands of articles that will help entrepreneurs be better business owners. I will share some of them here so that you can get better at your business.

1. Thirty Positive Quotes by Women to Motivate Personal Change from LL Coaching -Entrepreneurs often need to work when they just do not feel like. This post gives 30 positive quotes to motivate personal change.

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Power – What Is It Good For

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 It is terrific to learn that power can be used for good and does not have to be used to hurt those around you.  One definition of power found in New Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary  is the “ability or capacity to do something,” “control or dominion or a position of control, dominion or authority,” and “a person who exercises control, influence or authority.”  These definitions, in and of themselves are not inherently negative, harmful or bad. This means that neither power itself or the exercise of power should be seen as negative or something to avoid or fear. Many people have heard the expression, “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This means that it is not power itself that is the problem, but how one uses power that causes problems. Continue reading →

Want Your Business To Run Better – Know What Everyone Does

It is thrilling to know that you can make your business run better if you know what every department does.   Almost everyone has heard the expression, “knowledge is power.” When it comes to operating your business, this is definitely true. Take time right now to look at your business. Do you know everything it takes to make your business run from day to day? If the answer is yes, excellent. If the answer is no, get out a pen and some paper, take notes, there is some work for you to do.

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