School Started – Have Your Kid’s Allergy Symptoms Started Too?

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The new school year has started and with it [...]

Teach Your Children Something New

You can find serenity in teaching your kids some new tricks. At the beginning of each school year, parents think of all the things their children will learn in school over the course of upcoming year. Undoubtedly parents are thinking about math, science, language arts, music and reading. However, there are many more [...]

Pay It Forward With A Backpack and Campus Book Rentals

Recently, I was blessed to come in contact with a fellow blogger who was participating in an exciting program through Campus Book Rentals. The program is the BTS pay it forward backpack event. As part of the event, Campus Book Rentals gave us $25.00 to purchase school supplies and a backpack and donate the items. [...]

Want to Make Life Better for Your Kids – Take a Look in a Book

It is sensational to know that encouraging your children to read can help them do better at school and at life.

Over the course of the last year, I have been working with the administrators at my children’s school trying to figure out ways to help students do better in school. My husband and I [...]

Balancing Work and Home – Teach Your Kids

It is fantastic to teach your children to balance their work aka school and home responsibilities. People spend a lot of time trying to balance their professional and personal responsibilities. The idea is not new, even though hundreds of articles and thousands of words are written about it each year. Most people have heard the [...]