Use Your Work Skills at Home – Advocate for Your Children

advocate for your children's success www.

It is fantastic to know that you can use the skills you use at work to help your children succeed. Each day there are dozens and dozens of articles written about having it all and work life balance. Many of those articles complain about how work interferes with home or home interferes with work. [...]

Family, Fun and Tennis – #ServingFreedom

While all opinions found in this post are my own, I was provided with tickets courtesy of the Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast.

Summer is a great time for families to get together and have outdoor fun. One way to have family fun outdoors is with sports. Tennis is a great sport for families to play [...]

Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff #ColorofInfluence




It is fantastic to travel with your kids and to survive the experience with a smile. Each summer children finish school for the year and parents travel for family vacations. For some families the travel is a glorious experience, for others it is a horrible experience that no one ever wants [...]

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