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It is magnificent to take action now  and really live your dream. January of each year is full of talk about dreams. Between the start of the new year and the Martin Luther King holiday,  there seems to be talk of nothing but dreams. In a way, this is a good thing. In another way, it is sad. The reason for the sadness is that a dream has almost no worth if a person does not take action to make the dream come true.

When you have a dream it is important to work, to do something to make the dream come true. Faith without  work is dead and no one   wants to be the owner of a dead dream. At the  same   time, when you  take  action on your   dream, make sure   the action is real and that you are not sabotaging your dream without realizing it. For example, recently I was speaking with a group of entrepreneurs  about going from dreams to reality. The discussion revolved around the idea of writing  checks for some dream amount the entrepreneur would earn in the future. The filled in  checks were to be placed where the could be seen each day. This visual cue was thought to be a source of motivation . More »

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It is sensational to look at a classic book like Herman Mellville’s Moby DIck and learn that sometimes stuff is hard, so suck it up buttercup. About two years ago I read Herman Mellville’s Moby Dick for the first time. I had managed to get through high school, college and law school without ever picking it up. But, with my e-reader in hand I collected as many classic books as my cloud storage could hold and started working my way through them. I have said it before, and I will say it again, Moby Dick is one of the worst books I have ever read and I have literally read thousands upon thousands of books. More »

It is important to go from working harder, to working smarter, keep up with the new stuff in your industry


It is thrilling to know you can do something good for your business by keeping up with new practices in your industry. No matter type of work you do, from Fortune 500 entrepreneur to Stay at Home Mom, from freelancer writer to traditional employee, things at your job change on a regular basis. In order to be successful at your job, you cannot stay stuck in the past, but must work to keep up with industry changes. It is important because changes may mean increased productivity, increased profitability and a better work product. More »


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It is wonderful to recognize that there is a reason to be grateful  for work. Each day, all over the planet earth people get up and go to work. Some people are entrepreneurs who go to their own businesses and look for ways to serve their clients, make sure their employees are paid and that business continues. Some people are employees who go to work for others and do their best to do a good job so they can continue to work and earn paychecks. Some people work at home without paychecks and make sure their families are run efficiently and lovingly.  Whether you fit into one of these categories or a different one, be grateful for your work. More »

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You can find serenity in looking at the parent/child relationship and realizing that you are not friends. Almost every parent has experienced the wrath of a child. That awful moment when a child tells you either:

  • I am mad at you
  • I hate you
  • I like my other parent better
  • You are mean
  • You are not my friend

The first time you hear one of those statements, it really hurts. More »

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