Need Help to Take Action Now – Channel a Superhero!

need help to take action now
This article is dedicated to my Pushing Lovely crew for all they do to keep me inspired and moving and accomplishing my dreams.

When you take action now, you realize all the cool adults are doing it and it is a magnificent feeling. You will also learn that some of your take action now heroes, have heroes of their own, and one of those heroes may be you!

“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child. I thought as a chld: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” I Corinthians 13:11

Once of the greatest pleasures of childhood is the ability to put things off for some unknown “tomorrow.” Anyone who  has ben around children has witnessed masters of the art of postponement. Children do not try to complete school assignments when asked. Instead, they make up excuses. They put off chores until they can be put off no more. I have heard my children try to get out of work because they didn’t have the right pencil, because they had three more days to get it done and because the project was so easy it could be done at recess the day it was due. When you become an adult, it is time to do things differently. When you are an adult, you take action now and do what needs to be done in a timely manner. Often doing things in a timely manner means do it now, not waiting for a mysterious “Someday” to arrive. Take action now means just what it says, you do something now, right now.

As children, we are told that talk is cheap.  Some people make the mistake of thinking this means words have no value. This is far from the truth. Our words do have value. Our words give us plans, directions, and marching orders. When we are told “our word is our bond,” it means something. It means that when we say a thing we need to make that thing happen. It means we must keep our word. Taking action now is the place where all our talk and pretty words is supposed to end. Talk as much as you please. Talking is a great thing to do for fun, entertainment and business purposes. But, no matter how good the talk is, you must move to take action now if you want to get things done.

Verizon FiOS It Really Will Make You Smile


This post was sponsored by Verizon FIOS as part of the #FIOSPhilly Campaign. All opinions found here are strictly my own.

Question: Will Verizon FiOs really make you smile? Answer: Decidedly yes!

Verizon FIOS claims they can help you live better. In fact, in all their advertising materials there are photos of smiling faces using technology, having fun and getting things done. If you are like me, you wonder if all those smiling faces are smiling because they believe what they are saying or if they are smiling because they like the paychecks they are receiving. I have been using Verizon FiOS now for about a month now and I feel I can give it an honest review.

battle for remote


First I have to tell you what FiOS is fiber optics. FiOs uses light to transfer video and data signals to your house. Because the signal is brought directly to your house, which leads to fast internet , a sharper television signal and a home phone that sounds better.  Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have not had a lot of experience with the television. My children have taken over the television and are enjoying the many channels, sharp picture and reliable signal. Now that school is starting and I will be sending the children to school they will be hitting their beds earlier. This means I will be enable to enjoy all the channels and the sharp picture just in time for the new fall series and all the season openers. Since the children have commandeered the television, I watch most shows via the mobile app on my phone or tablet.

watching tv on fios app


What my family has been using NON-STOP is the internet service. Everyone in our family has multiple devices  and we are using the internet all day long. At first I was not happy with the internet service. My office is in the back of my house at the opposite end of the FiOs setup. I had a fit for a few minutes then I called Verizon customer service. I talked with them on the phone and they guided me a few trouble shooting options. Once we made some minor adjustments including raising the router box I was a happy camper. I was glad that customer service was patient, knowledgeable and resilient!




The best thing about the phone service is my children who are at home get to call their sister who is away at college all the time without taking my smartphone! In addition, my children have done something with the new home phone that I have never heard of before. They have been calling their brother’s cell phone, via the new house phone and playing Marco Polo by phone! I have never heard of or seen anything like it before!


all devices on fios


One thing that I really like and the children are learning to accept is the fast internet. Since everyone has a device that can access the internet, whenever someone asks me a question, my response is, “Look it up on the internet.” It is a way to get the children to read and research without them realizing they are learning. My twins recently got me back though. After I had them research dinosaurs, they piled up more than twenty dinosaur toys to attack me! Yes, it was fun, but I am glad I cut down on the essays I assigned because who knows what would have happened next!



dinosaur attack


Not everyone likes contracts. There are many people who don’t like to be tied down to anything. For those people, Verizon FiOS’ no contract plans are a great idea. In addition, there is even a wo-year price guarantee even if a customer doesn’t take a contract.. For others the two-year contract is a great idea. Another cool program is the Verizon’s My Rewards+ is a customer loyalty program for HSI and FiOS customers with Internet and/or TVservice. My Rewards+ is designed to recognize customers for choosing Verizon FiOS service over competitors and thank them for being loyal customers. When making certain transactions, customers will be rewarded points that can be redeemed for great rewards like Visa® Prepaid Cards, gift cards from top merchants, or charitable donations. You need to go to to register. You are required to have a My Verizon account.


football on fios


Football season is upon us. My husband and I don’t watch the games, but my son and daughters like to watch. Check out this post I found in the FiOSLounge In the comments, below, tell me which one was your favorite. We are all die hard Eagles fans and root for them no matter what. My children are looking forward to seeing all the sports coverage and being able to go online to get football stats, updates and gossip.
No matter what matters most too you about television, internet and your home phone service, check out Verizon FiOS. You will be glad you did!

Three Simple Ways to Show Good Family Values

live your values for your children


When you realize you can influence what your children think and believe, you can find serenity. No matter what you value, there are simple ways to teach your children to share your family values.


If you frame the story correctly, your children will value what you teach them is important.


Take a look at two children’s birthday parties I attended recently with my daughters. The first party was at the child’s home. It was  beautiful home with an above ground pool, an acre of land and the usual accoutrements of a $3 million home. The parents purchased bikes and scooters for the children to use during the party. They hired someone to help supervise and run the party games. The party games reminded me of Survivor and Fear Factor. There was a scavenger hunt for 24 items. The party ended with gourmet sandwiches, fruit kabobs, mixed drinks and a beautiful cake. A gift bag of delightful treasures was given to each child as a parting gift. This was all for a two hours long for a child turning 8 years old.


The second party was held at the apartment building where the child lived. The entire party was 8 girls playing in the apartment building’s outdoor pool. There was no party theme. The entire set of decorations was 4 helium balloons. The girls spent two and one half hours jumping in and out of the pool chasing each other and singing silly songs playing on the father’s smartphone. The party snacks were grapes, cheese crackers and juice boxes. The birthday girl celebrated with an ice cream cake from a local supermarket. Each girl left the party with a few dollar store treats.


Later my girls talked about the two parties. While they liked both parties, the second party was the overwhelming favorite. When I asked why I was told, “Because it wasn’t complicated. We just got to pay and have fun. We didn’t have to work hard to have fun.” My girls enjoyed the first party. They enjoyed the second party more because it emphasized what they had been taught to value – people, relationships and friendship.


teach your children your values

Reading with your children is another way to teach family values.

The point of describing these two parties is not to say that you don’t need money to have a good time. The point is also not to say our kids are better off with only simple things. The point is that our children can have a good time based upon the way we set the stage and manage expectations.

Take Action Now Because Movement is Life


Take Action Now and get things done because movement is life. Almost every person alive had heard at least one reference from the book of Ecclesiastes that there is a time and place, a season for everything under the sun. That idea was good and appropriate over 2,000 years ago when it was first penned sand it is still a good idea today. The idea is that there is a point of time at which we must move. We must move because movement is how things like ideas, plans and goals live.

Movement is life, so move to make things happen personally and professionally.

When it comes to taking action, there a few different kinds of people. There are some people who like to plan. They have all manner of planning journals, notecards, sticky notes, pens  and apps  for planning purposes. There are other people who are persons of action with no planning. These people do not plan, instead they are fly by the seat of their pants, do it in the spur of the moment people. Then there are other people who are smart planning then acting on the plans people. This last group of people area joy to watch because they make plans, follow-up with smart actions and get things done.

In the movie “World Ward Z,” the main character tried to convince a family to travel with him rather than sitting and hiding out until things got better. He told them, “Movement is life.”  Spoiler alert, the family that failed to move failed to survive. The main character who moved and his family survived. Take a moment now to look back over the course of your personal and professional life. How many times has a dream died or a plan faltered because you did not take action now, but decided to wait for “someday?”  Even more heartbreaking, have you ever had an idea that died because you failed to take action now and then saw someone else achieve that dream or goal you only talked about? Those who put movement behind their plans, goals and dreams are more likely to see those things become reality.

There are people all over the world who dreamed of great things and marvelous inventions years before they came to market. The world abounds with stories about who really invented the phone, the internet, the automobile and a million other things. Often the person telling the story ends the narrative with some version of, “I thought of that first, but I didn’t move on the idea because . . .  .” Failing to move can cost you dollars and opportunities. Movement is life.

Motherhood- It’s Not A Competition or a Hustle

When you look at the bottom line of it all, there is no competition between single mothers and married mothers. Good mothers, no matter what their marital status, want to raise children who are happy, productive adults.

Caring for My Family Is Not A Hustle

A few days ago while on Facebook,  I saw a photo of a woman with a caption that read, “No one hustles harder than a single mother.” As a married mother, the photo caught my attention, so I scanned the comments. In sum, the opinion of a majority of the commenters seemed to be that single are better mothers because they have to do so much without spouses to help. The comments made me chuckle.

The idea that single mothers are better mothers simply because they are doing two jobs is not a new concept to me. It is one I hear often from single mothers. By way of comparison,  in my circle of married mothers, I never hear about comparisons to or competition with single mothers. The first thing I did after chuckling over the caption was look up the definition of the word hustle. I looked at both traditional and modern definitions. Merriam Webster defined hustle as:

a :to obtain by energetic activity

b :to sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity

c :to sell or promote energetically and aggressively

According to Urban Dictionary to hustle is to do “Anythin you need to do to make money… be it sellin cars, drugs, ya body. If you makin money, you hustlin.” I found both definitions interesting, but not applicable  to what I do as a mother.

love your children

The Merriam Webster definition did not appeal to me for several reasons. First,  while it requires energy and stamina to do what I do as a mother,  I would not describe raising my children in a loving, caring home as something to be obtained simply  by energetic activity. Secondly,  motherhood is not something I sell. Thirdly,  mothering is not some underhanded activity in which I engage. I also found the Urban Dictionary definition distasteful. It made hustling seem like something unseemly risqué or shameful. Of course, like most people, I work for a living. I must make money to contribute to the financial well-being of my family. However, I do not provide that  financial support in an unsavory or illegal manner.