It May Not Be Racism, But Race Does Matter

race and racism
Today a Facebook “friend” was upset about an article from Right Wing News about nude colored bras. The gist of the article is that stores stock nude colored bras for white people but not black people. The author of the piece could not “comprehend the stupidity of this.” The Facebook “friend” went on and on about how ridiculous this whole idea was and how everything is not racist. According to this Facebook “friend” if we just “Stop making everything about race and guess what? It won’t be.” I was drawn to respond to her Facebook status. I wrote this blog article rather than respond to her Facebook status because I believe that things are not about race merely because we are “making everything about race.” Some stuff really is about race and some people can’t see it because of their perspective, position and privilege. Everything is not racist, but a lot of things are about race and are examples of white privilege that are so pervasive people get a bad attitude if you attempt to address them.
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Let’s Talk About Race – Who I Am

I was invited to participate in a discussion about race and my views on it and who I am. ¬†This essay is my contribution to the discussion, my thoughts on race and who I am as a black woman. Check out the whole discussion that is going on by visiting Rachee Fagg of Say it “Rah-Shay”¬†where this discussion will be taking place with many other bloggers.

For some people, race is a topic, something that comes up from time to time. To those people the topic comes up only when something big, bad and important enough happens to make the news. When the news story breaks, people who see race as a topic rise up, protest, talk and make big scenes. Once the news cycle dies down, those people can go back to ignoring race and their normal lives.

There are other people, people like me, for whom race is an everyday thing, something that is not put aside. Based upon who my parents are, I was going to be born black, there was no option. Based upon how the genetics lined up, I was born a black woman. These are two facts that I am unable to change, alter and had no control over. Other facts about my life and who I am I got to choose. I am a Christian, wife and mother. Those choices I freely made. It is interesting to me that the choices I freely made to determine who I am, as a Christian wife and mother have never caused me problems and controversy. On the other hand, the things that determine who I am, that I had no control over, my race and my sex have been the source of a great many problems and controversies. Continue reading →

Two Friends in the Rain or Does Race Matter


It is terrific to live in a world where two friends can talk about race and laugh. Last week I attended an event for bloggers in center city Philadelphia. I really did not want to go alone so I was happy when my friend said we should meet at the train station and ride into the city together. We met at the train station, chit chatted on the ride down and while walking down the street. It was the start of a nice evening out.

I was dressed in my favorite black suit and carried a large black umbrella because the forecast called for rain. My friend had on a nice black outfit as well. I have to admit, we looked GOOD! When we came out of the train station, the rain was steady so I pulled out the umbrella. I am taller than my friend and had on a suit jacket while she was sleeveless so I held the umbrella. I have walked in the rain with an umbrella with my kids too many times to let a shorter person be in charge of the umbrella.

photo credit: solidether via photopin cc

photo credit: solidether via photopin cc

As we walked along, I was cautious about crossing only at the corner and only at the light because I am still a little nervous from a recent hit and run accident that seriously injured one of my daughters. While I was trying to walk and appear brave and confident, my friend was dealing with some issues of her own that I found out about later. Continue reading →