5 Ways To Take Action Now & Win Reward- No Fear

It is magnificent to take action now and win because there is no reward for fear. People often ask me how I get the courage to take action now and keep moving even when things are hard. I tell them it is because I am I church girl, through and through. My faith as a Christian woman is inseparable from who I am as a person. I hang my hat on the following quote from the King James version of the Bible:


This passage reminds me always that I do not have to be afraid to try things, to grow and to succeed. I have been endowed with great and wonderful characteristics that outweigh fear and guarantee that in the end, I will succeed. If fear is keeping you from taking action now and succeeding, be encouraged, there is help and there is hope. If you are afraid to take action now, try one of the following methods to overcome your fear and act.

1. Make a Chart of Pros and Cons

2. Ignore the Fear and Push Forward

3. Make a List of the Best and Worse Possible Outcomes

4. Start A Journal of Times You Faced Fear and Won

5. Recruit a Friend to be Your Cheerleader

Be Bold Use Your Heart and Take Action Now


It is magnificent to be bold, use your heart and take action now. Take action now aka TAN means to get moving now and to do what needs to be done in order to get something accomplished. It is important to TAN because nothing gets accomplished with thoughts and planning alone. No matter how good an idea is, if you want to get things done, you have to move to action. If you want to succeed at something now, you must take action now. If you want to succeed at something tomorrow, you must take action now. If you want to succeed at something five years from now, you must take action now. It is the action that gets things done. It is the action that moves success from being  a possibility to being the current reality.

While it is extremely important to take action now if you want to get things done, you must take action with a plan. A SMART plan tells you what to do, what action step should be taken next. SMART plans are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. When your plan is smart it gives you the guidelines you need so that you can take action now in a logical, organized and productive manner.  Sit down and take a look at your big picture plans. Once you have a plan and have made the plan a SMART plan you most boldly move forward and take action now to get things done.  Once you have done all of that, the hard part starts.

Take Action Now Stop Being Sick and Tired of Excuses


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It is magnificent take action now because you realize enough is enough. Take action now means that a person moves now to get done what needs to be done. When a person decides to take action now she moves forward in order to accomplish her goals. It is important to take action now because talking and planning alone will not get anything done. Nothing gets done until a person makes the move to take action now. At the beginning of each year, quarter or month, people all across the world make plans to get done one thing or another. It is always interesting to see which people accomplish their goals and which ones do not. The people who accomplish their goals are the ones who take action now.

Many people start with grand and wonderful plan. Then, life happens and the plans never get accomplished. These people are easy to recognize because each year, they share the same plans day after day, month after month and year after year. We all have friends, family members an co-workers like this. They keep saying the same thing over and over – next time I will get it done, next time I will cross the finish line. Unfortunately, next time never comes. It never comes, because someday is not a real day on any calendar.