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This article is about getting dressed with confidence feeling confident before you get out of bed each morning. This article is the first in a new series on creating confidence. I started my blog, Janeane’s World in part because I was trying to find a way to put myself in the right mental frame of mind at the start of each day. I had a husband, four children, and a dog. My days were busy and stressful so I started a new blog full of motivational paragraphs. I wrote positive things each day in order to talk myself into having a good day. Each day I would post a happy status on social networking sites to guide my behavior for the day. I named the days as follows: Serene Sunday, Magnificent Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thrilling Thursday, Fantastic Friday and Sensational Saturday. Over the course of time, those motivational sentences became paragraphs, blog posts and articles. Now those articles have turned into books, webinars, and e-courses.

As the articles in this series will indicate, confidence is not some mysterious thing that only the successful people have. Confidence is something every person can have if she so chooses. One of the first things you must do if you want to have an attitude of confidence is to look at each day as a new opportunity to shine and accomplish great and wonderful things. In order to do that, I have renamed all the days. Instead of merely calling each day by its name, I attach an adjective to each day. The adjectives give a sense of expectation to each day. The adjectives encourage you to behave in a way that will make the adjectives come true. Here is what I call each day:

Magnificent Monday
Terrific Tuesday
Wonderful Wednesday
Thrilling Thursday
Fantastic Friday
Sensational Saturday
Serene Sunday

Think about it for a moment. If you think of Monday as Magnificent Monday, you expect something really great to happen. Simply adding that adjective will cause you to look for, expect and attempt to do magnificent things. Last week Monday was the day that forced you back to work after the weekend ended. This week you have Magnificent Monday and you are going to look for magnificent things to celebrate. You will be reminded that magnificent things come in packages of all sizes. The magnificent thing may be a new promotion at work. Or the magnificent thing may be that you got to work on time and had a great cup of coffee to start the day.

If you want to start being confident and successful in all you do, start looking at each day as an opportunity for good things to happen and for you to create good things. When you wake up on Magnificent Monday look for magnificent things to celebrate, create or enjoy. When Terrific Tuesday comes, seek out the terrific things in your world. Create terrific things and celebrate the terrific things you see. Wonderful Wednesdays are a chance for you to enjoy the many wonderful things that the world has to offer. Thrilling Thursdays are a day for excitement and joy a chance to be thrilled by all that life has to offer. Fantastic Fridays can be more than just payday. They can be a day to enjoy fantastic things the world has to offer. When Sensational Saturday arrives, do more than just celebrate the first day of the weekend. Do things big and look for a sensational element to the day and to what you have to offer the world. When Serene Sundays arrive, take time to reflect on the great things the week has offered you. Take time to get your mind right and mentally prepare for good things in the week to come.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to confidence is that it is not a question of whether or not you can be confident. You can be confident if you choose it. The question when it comes to confidence is are you going to decide to be confident and then work to keep your confidence fresh and new each day. It is important to remember that often confidence does not start and remain strong and steady over the course of a lifetime. Indeed, confidence sometimes comes and goes. Confidence is something that you can renew moment by moment and day by day. Giving the adjectives to each day’s name helps you to focus on characteristics and qualities and this focus will help you to renew your confidence, remain focused and succeed all you attempt.

Years ago when my husband proposed marriage to me, I told him we were going to get married and be happy together forever. He asked me, “Or what?” He laughed when I responded, “There is no or what, we are getting married, we are going to be happy together forever, that is it.” Happiness, success and confidence work that way. You must tell yourself you are going to be happy, successful and confident period. If there is no option available for anything else, you will not make a mistake by choosing an option that leads to unhappiness, failure and lack of confidence.


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When it comes to being confident, never give yourself an or” option. Tell yourself that you are going to be confident, period. This is very important. Think about children, when you tell a child, “clean your room or no dessert.” Sometimes the room will get clean and sometimes it will not. You gave the child an option and she picked the one that was most pleasing to her. The lack of dessert was more pleasing than doing the work to clean the room. When talking with yourself about being confident, never give yourself an or option. Never say to yourself, “I will be confident or I will not be able to get things done.” Do not use this or option because it allows you to think, in a subtle and subliminal way that the thing that comes after the or is a possible, acceptable or desirable outcome. It is not.

When it comes to confidence, the thing after the or is not the desired outcome. It is not even an equal outcome. The thing that comes after the or when you are talking about acting with confidence is not what you want and not what you should have your mind concentrating on. Concentrate only on the thing you want – being confident and successful in all you do.


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