Welcome to James, Davis and Associates!


We are here to help you make your business run smoother and more efficiently. We offer services for both profit and non-profit businesses.



Business Start-Up Services

We will help you to:

  • select the correct business form

  • fill out the proper forms with the federal, state and local government

  • create a business plan to get things running smoothly and efficiently from the start

  • help design employee manuals and training programs


Business Planning

We will help you to:

  • create a plan that will take into account all important internal and external factors

  • identify competitors and opportunities

  • design a plan that will help get appropriate financing

  • develop a plan that is a tool, not just a prop

Business Analysis

We will analyze your business to determine:

  • areas where changes are needed

  • how to operate more profitably

  • systems to make the work flow efficient

  • changes needed to keep up with changes in the marketplace


Business Coaching

We will provide:

  • one-on-one support for entrepreneurs

  • accountability to enable you to achieve business goals

  • individualized advice catered to your business and personality

  • weekly sessions and progress reporting