One of the most thrilling things a business owner can do is make someone’s dreams come true. There are almost as many reasons for going into business as there are businesses. Of course we go into business to make money and to have a chance to do things we enjoy and get paid for it. Another reason people go into business is to help others reach their dreams. By starting a business, an entrepreneur provides an opportunity for employees, customers and witnesses to reach their dreams.

As a small business owner, sometimes you can be a dream maker all by yourself. On other occasions, you work with others to help make dreams come true. Today I have joined some blogger friends and entrepreneurs in an effort to make a dream come true for one of our readers. I am co-founder of an amazing group of women writers called Pushing Lovely. Several of us have joined together to host this Fall Giveaway of either an Amazon Gift Card or a PayPal Credit for $100.00 (winner’s choice) just in time for the start of the holiday season. This giveaway will run through November 14, 2013 and the winner will be announced soon thereafter. The contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada.

What would you do with an extra $100? Be serious, you will probably not end hunger or create world peace, but you can do something, you can make a little dream come true and who knows what flames your spark will kindle. I am a church girl and we were always taught that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains. So, I believe that this $100 gift card a dream come true and can move a mountain for the right person. Think about it what are your dreams? Have you been dreaming about treating yourself to a beauty treatment? Do you want a new case for your electronic devices. Have you been dreaming of a new printer for the office? If yes, this giveaway is a dream come true for you!

Take a moment to enter the giveaway and see what happens!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In conclusion, one of the most thrilling things a business owner can do is make someone’s dream come true. So, the question for you this thrilling day is what will you do to help someone’s dream come true?

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  1. hhhhmmmmm…I think I’ll buy myself a winter coat. I spend so much on my daughter that I forget to take care of me at times! Today it snowed, so I better get to the mall! BTW, I lived overseas for 7 years, hence the lack of a winter wardrobe!

  2. Cory

    I would use it to buy Christmas presents for my family.

  3. One hundred dollars would definitely come in handy just in time for the Holidays!

  4. Lenee Johnson

    That hundred dollars would be good to buy something for thanksgiving dinner and pay a bill for my mom who lives in assisted living. Her day out and bill paid.

  5. I’d buy some Christmas presents

  6. I would pay off my credit card bill.

  7. i would love the extra money for Christmas!

  8. I’d put it towards my trip home for Thanksgiving!

  9. I could use this to get more nurse’s scrubs for hubby.

  10. shane

    Buy Christmas gifts!

  11. Jill McHale

    I would use it to start Christmas shopping.

  12. I know it is early but I would start Christmas Shopping! $100 dollars would be an awesome start.

  13. I could easily spend $100 on myself or my family. I’m not sure how I would use it for others. That would take some research and thought. I would want to make sure that my money would really be helping someone in need.

  14. What a great giveaway! I love that you are trying help others reach their dreams!

  15. I have always wanted to start an animal shelter.

  16. $100 would be great to use for Christmas shopping.

  17. I would treat my husband to a massage with $100!

  18. To be honest, right now, that $100 would be a huge help for my family back home in the Philippines. My town was hit by a category 4 super typhoon yesterday and now I can’t get a hold of anybody from my family. It is so hard not to know their whereabouts and not hear a single word from them. I would love to go back to Philippines next week to see them, but money does not allow me. It is so frustrating and concerning not knowing how they are so yes, the money would be nice to have to donate it to them. :( Thanks!

  19. I would used the money to help my 19 year old daughter.. she just started a new job and its a produce factory which is always gold she says under 40 degrees she needs a good thermos for work and some wind breaker pants to wear over her clothes when she has to work with water because water seeps into her boots.. and her feet are freezing at the end of the day.. I know $100 is not much but like you said it can make someones dream come true. I love the idea of small things make a big a difference..

  20. This is great, perfect giveaway for this holiday. will save us money for gifts.

  21. I would put it towards Christmas gifts for everyone.

  22. I would put it towards our Germany Trip fund for next summer; that’s my dream and can’t wait for it to come true and see my family and friends again

  23. I would buy Christmas Gifts if I won the $100

  24. I’d buy a Day Designer planner and pay the rest to bills :)

  25. This is a great way to give back!! I like to do Random Acts of Kindness for people. In a drive thru lane, I’ll pay for the car behind me. It’s happened to be several times and it’s such a pleasant surprise!

  26. Great way to give back! Awesome giveaway!

  27. This is an awesome giveaway! I just want a massage. Just one hour of pure bliss. :-)

  28. This is a great giveaway and so awesome that you’re helping to giveback to others :)

  29. I would pay off some credit card debt or Christmas shopping maybe.

  30. That’s cool! Thanks for sharing and good luck to all.

  31. After the last two weeks, it would go toward lots and lots of chocolate. Okay, seriously I want a new pair of running shoes and that would cover part of the cost. Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. What a generous thing you are doing. I would spend it on my family and the best part of the gift would be for me, to see the smiles on their faces that I did something unexpected for them.

  33. What a positive influence you are. Keep the faith!

  34. If I won, I would buy something nice for my mom.

  35. What a generous way to give to others! I have really considered doing more blog consulting or training for newer bloggers, helping them reach their potential and see success.

  36. This is so inspirational. I would probably put the money toward Thanksgiving dinner for my family and a food bank donation.

  37. I love this. I believe that dreams can come true at any point.

  38. Great giveaway! I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t welcome $100.

  39. If I were to win the $100, I would go ut and purchase food for the food bank. We may not have it all, but we have enough and there are many who have nothing.

  40. I’m a total saver so I would put it in the bank. I do need some car repairs now though. I ought apply it to that!

  41. I would put it in my piggy bank. I am saving up for a new camera.

  42. I would use the money for holiday gifts.

  43. I would use it towards more yarn and crochet supplies!

  44. Great contest! I would go out for a really nice dinner with my hubby and kids, and order wine and dessert. It would be so nice to have a treat like that!

  45. Pay off one of my medical bills!

  46. with an extra 100.00 i pay my phone bill

  47. Sounds like a great giveaway to help anyone move closer to their dreams!

  48. My youngest son is turning 4 pretty soon so I’d spend it on him: new toys, frozen yogurt (his favorite), etc.

  49. thank you for hosting, I would use the money for a vacation with my family.

  50. Wow! $100 for anything in the world… I would most likely spend it on my son for Christmas, or maybe to help spruce up the house and modernize a bit.

  51. I would use it towards the holidays… def. could help buy some of those gifts! HA

  52. I would use it to host Thanksgiving. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  53. I think I would put it toward upgrades on my website.

  54. It would go toward replacing the dishwasher that broke last week!

  55. I’d get something for my camera….but honestly probably spend it on my kids!

    • You are such a mama! We say we will do all kinds of things for ourselves, but end up doing things for our children.

  56. I’d totally buy more shoes with it! :)

  57. I would have to spend it on a few bits for Christmas to help out with the meal my parents make us :) x

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