entrepreneurs are part of the American dream


It is thrilling to realize that entrepreneurs, are part of what makes America great.I like being an entrepreneur. Even though my business enterprise currently consists of just one employee and two volunteers, it is a business enterprise and it is mine. Because I am a small business owner, I know that I am part of the American dream, what makes our country the wonderful place it is. In America a woman go from being the eldest of six children in a home with divorced parents, to become a married mother of four living on the historic Main Line outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania owning her own business enterprise.

Entrepreneurs embody what is good about America. In America a person can start with nothing and rise to the greatest heights available. Entrepreneurs have that same opportunity with their businesses. A woman can start a business on her dining room table with her cell phone and laptop, then after a few years that business can grow so that a woman can work out of her indoor porch with a couple of employees. After a few more years have passed, that woman now has commercial offices and a staff of more than ten. That is the American dream in action. It is a beautiful thing. It is not something that is available for only one group of people or open to only one type of entrepreneur. This type of growth ad opportunity is available to everyone in America. It is precisely this type of opportunity that makes America great. It is a reason to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit in America and in all of us.


As an entrepreneur, you provide jobs. If you are the sole employee you provide a job for yourself. In addition, you help the economy because you use phone service, internet, office supplies, carfare for meetings, clothing and all those types of things. Entrepreneurs contribute to the national economy. Once an entrepreneur grows and provides jobs for others, the contributions to the economy become greater, exponentially so. It is important for entrepreneurs to enjoy the fact that they contribute to the making the American dream a reality for themselves, their employees, their customers and all those they come in contact with in the course of business operations. America is great because we can all work together to make the world a better place. As an entrepreneur, evaluate and celebrate your contribution.

In conclusion, it is thrilling to realize that as an entrepreneur, you are part of what makes America great. So, the question for you this thrilling day is, what is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?


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  1. Being an entrepreneur IS the American dream— a truly beautiful thing. My husband has his own business, and I would have to say his favorite thing is probably the fact that he’s in charge!

  2. I commend people who have the courage to venture into business at this tough time. It is what America great indeed…giving others the opportunity to work.

  3. I love that quote graphic! My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is definitely the fact that I get to stay home with my daughter.

  4. I love that my kids brag about me! Seriously, it really makes my heart glow. I also like being able to support local small businesses like myself and help them in their marketing and reach – usually for free.

    • One of my highlights this week was my teenie bopper complimenting me on the work I do and saying she is proud of how my online magazine has grown and developed.

  5. Our country definitely needs more entrepreneurs. I’ll definitely do my part to support my local businesses.

  6. And thank you for being a part of that. This is a wonderful post. America may be suffering right now, but it still is the land of opportunity. We hope entrepreneurs like you can keep going an continue to support America. It is nice having your own business as you are your own boss.

  7. I love the idea of owning my own business and working for ME! One day it will happen!

  8. owning your own business isnt simple and easy there are so many ways to keep and maintain the smooth relationship between the owner, employee and the clients.

  9. That is so true about being able to do anything you want in America. I worked with a guy who inspired me, he literally lived on the streets as a kid and put himself through law school and turned around to take care of his mother. That is proof that anything is possible when you work hard for it.

  10. This is still a very young country and we still very much have a frontier mentality. We want to strike our own claims and be in charge of our own destinies and that is what makes us all such strong individuals. What makes us so special is that we embrace this want for individuality as a country and together we know this want as Freedom.

  11. My favorite and least favorite part of being an entrepreneur is being responsible for everything. It’s great when everything works out but not so much when you mess up!

  12. I think this is what everyone strives for…. being able to do something that you are so passionate about and having no one to answer to but yourself. Great post! The American dream!

  13. You are so absolutely right about entrepreneurship. It’s hard work, but it is what America is about – opportunity and possibilities. I never thought I would be doing this, but I am so glad that I have. This is such a great post.

  14. “Entrepreneurs embody what is good about America.” LOVE this. It’s tough to be your own business but so fulfilling.

  15. I think it’s amazing that some people can make so much from nothing – one day I would like to be a successful entrepreneur πŸ™‚ x

  16. Love this post. If more people would see that they are enabled to become successful based on their own two hands, we would not have the entitlement mentality that seems to be plaguing America.

  17. I think my favorite part of owning my own biz is that my success and failures all depend on ME – I can work as hard as I want, or as little as I want when I feel the need!

  18. Oh man! Being an entrepreneur is amazing! I get to set my own schedules, interact with clients in my own way, create jobs for people like contractors and design assistants – and just be able to pay it forward to people in need.

    When i open a physical store/office, it will be even more jobs and will help the economy out even more.

    Keep it Touched,

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