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Use It – Friends Lost at Work — 4 Comments

  1. This happened to me a few years ago and we still work together but never speak. I am still sad about it,

  2. I actually had a very similar situation with someone I used to work with as well. But I realized that she was not truly my friend to begin with. I, too was able to make new friends. But it also made me grow a thicker skin & learn how to let go of people and things when they've become toxic instead of uplifting/positive.

  3. I can totally relate to this post. I won't go into specifics, that is for another time, but it is hard. She was higher up in ranks than I was, so I did have to report to her directly on occasion. Luckily I was good at my job so I did not suffer while I was there. We did become friends again, which helped our situation a bit until she got transferred to another location. We remained friends for a few years after that but I had to agree with her after the fact, we had grown too far apart to remain friends. I miss her at times but like you said it freed up more time to make new friendships.