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Get in Shape With Crystal Light Low Calorie Drinks and #PlatinumPoints — 18 Comments

  1. Congrats on your healthy lifestyle change, crystal Light has really help me cut the calories I drink while staying hydrated. I just love the variety of flavors. #client

  2. Wowza, you are looking fabulous! Those running shoes look to be on their way quite shortly 😉

  3. I have noticed that I can use half a serving of the flavor since I am cutting back on the sugar. I like having a sweet flavor and it helps me drink more water.

  4. I enjoy crystal light in my water to spice things up. However I usually split up 1 packet into 2 bottles of water due to the fact that I have eliminated a lot of sweet things from my diet and now when something is too sweet I can’t handle it! I like just a hint-plus this way it lasts longer 😉

  5. Good luck with your journey of becoming healthier with Crystal Light. I will be curious to see the after shot and who “won” the challenge. I am sure you will both be winners.

  6. I use Crystal Light that I get my daily intake of water that the doctors want me to have. It makes the water taste yummy.

  7. I drink Crystal Light since they’re healthy alternative to sodas.

  8. I love Crystal Light. I don’t think I would ever drink water without it.

  9. My mother in law used to drink crystal light and I had never tried it until she came to spend a couple weeks and we had it in the house for her, now we drink it all the time.

  10. I use Crystal Light all the time. It makes plain water much less boring!

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