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How I Work Smarter with #MyDataMyWay and #FamilyMobile — 25 Comments

  1. I need to look into those plans. This is a great post. I too love your home screen. It gets you into the right frame of mind.

  2. I love their phones. They are such a bargain too. Love this program too!

  3. I love your motivating screen saver! Ask and ye shall receive!

  4. Ha! I do remember when the phones were just for the wealthy. And they were huge and clunky too. I’m glad all that’s changed. I like that you have words of encouragement on your phone.

  5. I’ve just figured out what it really means to work smarter rather than harder. This seems like a great program

  6. We use WFM, and I really appreciate not having to worry about data limits. We are probably going to spring for a phone for our tween daughter soon.

  7. I’m going to have to look into this. Sounds like a great option.

  8. Those plans do sound like good options. They’re definitely worth looking into when sending kids to college.

  9. I actually had this phone and gave it to my grandma! She likes it she feels in tune with technology now!

  10. Walmart has such great prices on cell phone plans. I love that you have a motivational quote on your phone.

  11. The plans are affordable, and the phone options aren’t too bad.

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