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Inspiration – Find it and Use it To Take Action Now — 6 Comments

  1. My motivation is my son and every single time I get a bill in the mail or a expense notification in my email. Knowing I have responsibilities gets me out of the bed, forces me to write a blog post, schedule social media posts. External motivation doesn’t really effect me.

  2. I literally have a brand new idea of something I want to learn or experience every single day!

  3. I am a serial learning I have had about 5 businesses and this is exactly why. I would always choose to do what I want instead of what I need to do. This was a great article. I look forward to more

  4. I’m one of those creative types so, I always have so many things I want to do floating in my head. It is hard sometimes to find inspiration because, one day I want to work on this and the next day I push it to the side and do nothing. I just have tonremond myself that its something I love and it’s only going to get done when I push through.

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