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  1. I love playing with words and creating written pieces about what I would like to create. It’s the bard in me 😉

  2. I love this – I’m with Robin… this is something I’ve never done before. I have so many words and phrases going through my head that would be suitable for next year.

    • When you pick one or more please stop back by, I would like to learn what you decide upon and then see how you use it to succeed over the course of the year.

  3. I love the idea of a phrase! I had a word last year and I don’t think I did anything really with it! This year, I’m planning to pick something more meaningful and stick with it!

    • I like a phrase because it makes the message, idea or set of actions I want to carry out more concrete and more easily identiiable and explainable. When you pick yours, stop back by and share it. I would like to learn what you come up with.

  4. I saw your post in the share thread and had to read it. I’ve picked out the same 4 words 2 years in a row, and they’ve served me well. Even before I clicked over to your post, I was thinking of using “commitment” or “deliberate action.” I think I may use deliberate action as a reminder to choose those things which contribute to my goals for the year and not get sidetracked by shiny metallic objects. 🙂

    • I like your phrase “deliberate action.” It is such a strong and powerful declaration. I really like that and would love to see how you use it over the next year.

  5. “Something Inside” is an excellent phrase for your New Year. I love it. My word for 2014 was “Action.” I can say I succeeded and failed at the same time. For 2015 I had a word picked out but in speaking with my best friend, a phrase popped in my head and I realize this is truly how I feel. “I’m still here” will be my phrase of the year. When God grants you another day, it’s another day to do something.

    Your post is right on time for how I am feeling about 2015 and life overall. Wishing you all the best for 2015. Oh girl those empty egg shells… Woosah! LoL

    • MJ I like your phrase!!!! Sometimes still being here is the biggest accomplishment and an amazing factory. I wish you every good and wonderful thing in 2015. And yes, those egg shells, I found more of them today!!!

  6. I love the idea of choosing a phrase. Mine is #DoitAfraid which was borrowed from the Whose Shoes are you Wearing book by Momsncharge 🙂 Another great post Janeane.

    • Vashti, thanks for the compliment. I like your phrase also. Shoot, sometimes, if you wait until you are unafraid to at, you will never get anything done! You have to #DoItAfraid!

    • Aww thank you Vashti! I think that will be my forever motto. There’s just something empowering about those words 🙂 Janeane, I love the phrase “something inside” as a reminder. I just talked today to someone about the importance of getting into action if you want things done. She used the analogies that hunters don’t eat until they go and kill. So we have to get up and start moving at some point if we want to see results.

  7. I know I have said this before – your posts are so powerful and insightful. Thank you for sharing. YOur positive encouragement is there!

  8. I’ve never had a word for a year, heck I don’t even make resolutions. But, I like the idea of having a word/phase because it’s something that you can refer to throughout the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I don’t make resolutions either. I started listening to the song in the video a few weeks a go and it just spoke to me so I wanted to always be reminded of the words and the God given the strength and resources inside me.

  9. I can’t decide on a phrase yet. I know I wish to be more helpful, show more empathy, and try to de-stress in the new year.

  10. I’ve never selected a word (or phrase) of the year. I may adopt yours, because it has meaning and inspiration on so many levels. Thanks for the inspiration to think about adopting a word of the year.

  11. I haven’t even though that far yet!
    I’m still enjoying the Christmas Season 🙂
    One day at a time… perhaps that should be my phrase!

  12. That’s such a wonderful perspective. I bet it will be a fantastic new year.

    • I am glad I was able to help. Please stop back by in a few months to let me know how working on your new plans in the new year works out.

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