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You have heard people say it all your life, ”’If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” In addition, you know that you do a better job when you work with a plan rather than just winging it. So why aren’t you creating a plan and working according the to a plan?

Stop believing the myth that you are one of those people who worķs better under pressure without a plan.

People often say they are at their best when working with a looming deadline, under pressure and without a plan. There are two possible responses to that idea. The first response is, stress raises our blood pressure and negatively impacts our breathing, heart rate and ability to think and recover. A second response, perhaps a preferred response is that with a plan you take your best and make it better. Working with a SMART plan (which will be described momentarily), is  way of  making things better and striving for optimal performance and results. Even if you think you work better under pressure and without a plan, if you look at the situation objectively, you will probably notice several things:you are more stressed than usual
  • the work itself is not as enjoyable
  • you are more prone to make simple errors
  • things around you are more irritating
  • the quality of the finished product is not as good

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