You can find serenity in having your children join the family business.This blog is called Janeane’s World. It was originally created as a way of helping my friends and I to have a good day every day. As time went on the blog posts became articles. The design of the blog articles grew and the mission of the blog grew to be a place to showcase the thoughts, dreams and ideas of the modern woman dealing with family, work and life.  While I have never been a traditional mommy blogger, I have always been proud to be a wife and mother who blogs.

My children have always suggested article topics, sponsored posts to accept and design themes for the blog.  A few months ago, my son Peyton  joined the team at Janeane’s World  and started giving all kinds of suggestions for improving engagement and helping readers. In exchange for his assistance, he earns 10% of whatever is earned here. His younger sisters not to be outdone, decided they wanted to join the team as well.  My daughter Zahirah is now a photographer for Janeane’s World. Her twin Camille,  joined the team as our official Cuteness Ambassador. Currently, the twins are satisfied with a salary of $1.00 per month. Last but not least, my eldest daughter Euphoria who blogs at Black Girl Brown Sugar agreed to consult and guest post from time to time.  She has not asked for a salary. Perhaps the tuition we will be paying for the next four years to Spelman College caused her to show us mercy in the salary department. More »




It is fantastic to find the opportunity that inspires you, the Golden Ticket that helps you take on the world and win. No matter who you are or what you do, one Golden Ticket is opportunity. Most people have heard the expression, “Opportunity only knocks once.” As nice as that expression is, the golden ticket may come in realizing that sometimes you have to go find the opportunity you want.

In order to succeed, to get things done, people need a chance to play the game. That chance is opportunity. Opportunity does not guarantee you will succeed. Opportunity does give you a chance to try, it puts you in the game. What you do with the opportunity is up to you. Opportunity is the Golden Ticket. Like with any ticket, you can use it to get into the show or you can sit on the ticket and let others watch the show. After all, whether you use the ticket or not, the show will go on. Opportunity works the same way, whether you take advantage of it or not, life moves on. More »


use your talent and stop procrastinating


It is terrific to find ways to stop procrastinating and one way is to work your special talents. Procrastination is a common problem at people deal with at home and at work. Procrastination is that quality that causes people to put off doing something they should be doing. Often procrastination occurs because people do not realize the strength and power of their talents and abilities. For these people, a cure for procrastination is to find ways to use their special gifts and talents to get things done. More »

It is terrific to find a way to get the most for your family’s money. To help people do just that, my friend Amiyrah Martin of Four Hats and Frugal started an amazing new business called the Grocery Budget Tutor. What I like about this company is to launch the business there is a month long grocery challenge that will provide the winner with a cool $250!

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It is no secret that bloggers often work together and refer products, services and software to one another. Recently my friend Michelle from Diva’s With a Purpose introduced me to a product called WP Auto Affiliate Links.

Michelle told me, that “many bloggers and social media influencers utilize affiliate links to monetize their blog. For most of us, we utilize a sponsored post, banner or text links for our readers to find products we promote and recommend.  Typically, that’s done on one single post.”

WP Auto Affiliate Links Review

She said,  “WP Auto Affiliate Links is a WordPress plugin that will automatically add affiliate links into your content. It can work with links that you add manually or you upload through a data feed, but it can also extract and display links from Amazon, Clickbank and Share-A-Sale.”

According to Michelle, the program is great because it allowed her to add affiliate links for her own products as well.

In addition, the program looks for frequently used keywords on your site, lists them out and makes it easy for you to add links to words you utilize on a consistent basis within your blog. WP Auto Affiliate Links PRO is $9 a month and you can cancel at any time.

I linked up with Michelle because one reader will receive a FREE PRO version by entering the giveaway. Click here to go to Michelle’s site and enter the giveaway. Good luck!

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