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Superwoman: noun

1. wife
2. mom of 4

I am Janeane Davis. I describe myself as a Superwoman, aka a wife and mother of four. I am an African-American mom blogger whose mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate women to be their best in business and at home.

I am the author of " How to Advocate for your Children to Succeed," a book created to help parents help their children to reach their own visions of success.

I am the President and Chief Executive Officer of James, Davis and Associates, a private business consulting firm, If you need help motivating and inspiring your employees or making your business operations more efficient, we should talk.

Contact me directly at 215-586-3897, or janeanedavis@ to schedule a consultation.

A child's love is more precious than gold.


Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff #ColorofInfluence


#colorofinfluence travel with children



It is fantastic to travel with your kids and to survive the experience with a smile. Each summer children finish school for the year and parents travel for family vacations. For some families the travel is a glorious experience, for others it is a horrible experience that no one ever wants to repeat. This post will share some ideas on how to make your travel less onerous.

I am the mother of four children ages 18, 11, 7 and 7. In addition I am work at home mom with a small business that needs my attention every day even during vacation. The biggest trick I ever learned for having a good travel experience with my children is to treat their play, the way I treat my job. In other words, bring the equipment needed to get the job done.

When our family drives on vacation my husband does all the driving. That means the rest of us are passengers and need something to do to pass the time. Of course you need to pack the clothes, toiletries, first aid kit and things of that nature. Those things are important, but for traveling with your kids, they are not the most important. When traveling with your kids, their fun stuff is the most important. So be sure to pack their tablets, hand-held video games, e-readers, chargers and rechargeable batteries. Be sure to have an emergency power charger like for your cell phone for each child.

traveling with kids


In addition, don’t forget low tech options. Continue reading Traveling with Kids – Bring Their Good Stuff #ColorofInfluence

Work Life Balance – Get Over The Frustration


work life balance get over it


It is fantastic to finally realize that there is no magic secret to the work life balance puzzle and that is okay. Whenever you gather a group of women together, the conversation inevitably turns to how hard it is to balance the duties at home and work. It doesn’t matter if the women are successful business executives or stay at home moms charged with keeping things running smoothly on the home front. There is always a conversation about how to balance work, family and still squeeze in some personal time. Inevitably someone leaves the conversation upset because she feels like a failure because she can’t make it all work.

Today I am advocating for a different way of looking at it. Get over the frustration, kick it out the door and say, forget it all and accept and embrace your life, whatever it is and keep moving. This is a great situation to use the seven stages of grief to handle: Continue reading Work Life Balance – Get Over The Frustration

Entrepreneur – Stay in Your Lane

entrepreneur stay in lane

It is thrilling to be an entrepreneur who is able to succeed because she knows the right way to stay in her own lane. That expression, “stay in your own lane” has become very popular of late. It is used in all kinds of circumstances by all kinds of people. It may seem a strange thing to ask entrepreneurs to do, but strange or not, it is something that needs to be done. In order to be successful, entrepreneurs need to have a focus and determination in order to succeed.

The strongest and most useful tool an entrepreneur has is not her innovative product or service nor her excellent customer service skills. Interestingly, the strongest and most useful tool an entrepreneur has is her determination and ability to stick with a plan. In order succeed an entrepreneur must do two things:

  1. Have a plan – after all if you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  2. Keep her mind on her mission and her mission on her mind

Continue reading Entrepreneur – Stay in Your Lane

Let’s Talk About Working Moms

On Thursday July 10, 2014 I was a special guest on the Make It Last Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio. The topic of the day was the transition from a career oriented life to a family oriented life. Being a Stay at Home Mom is appealing to many; however, there are some pros and cons to becoming a stay at home mom. I joined host Pamela King and I and we talked about this issue that is important and relevant to all of us.




Family Fun, Tennis and the Philadelphia Freedoms #ServingFreedom

While all opinions found in this post are my own, I was provided with tickets courtesy of the Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast.

Summer is a great time for families to get together and have outdoor fun. One way to have family fun outdoors is with sports. Tennis is a great sport for families to play together. Because tennis can be played in singles or doubles matches, many family members can play at one time. In addition, tennis is an exciting sport to watch.

The Philadelphia Freedoms and Comcast have an exciting line up of tennis matches scheduled for July 15th through July 23rd. Families are about to have a great few weeks thanks to Comcast and the Philadelphia Freedoms. Tennis is coming to the Philadelphia area at the Villanova Pavilion.


Philadelphia Freedoms Tennis

Check out the great line up each evening:

Tuesday 7/15 Philadelphia Freedoms w/ Victoria Azarenka vs. San Diego Aviators w/ Daniela Hantuchova

Wednesday 7/16 Philadelphia Freedoms vs. Springfield Lasers: Girls Night Out Continue reading Family Fun, Tennis and the Philadelphia Freedoms #ServingFreedom