How to Create Strategies for Work Life Balance

work life balance


When you are a work at home mom, you must decide what work-life balance means and then develop strategies for work/life balance so that you can work without driving yourself and your family crazy. Work must be done and you must give your family good quality time and good quantities of time. It is a balancing act that you must figure out for yourself.


If you want to be happy and successful – answer the question what does work-life┬ábalance mean in your world.


It is not easy to be a work at home mom. When your home also houses your office space, it may be hard to take care of work without ignoring your obligations at home and hard to take care of home without ignoring your obligations at work. When trying to figure our how to balance work and home, it is important to realize there is no one size fits all solution. Balance means different things to different people. Additionally, the balancing act changes based upon the obligations a person has at a particular time. For example, if you have a big project due for a client or the business is at a critical juncture for some reason, the priority will be at work rather than at home. If your spouse is ill, it is graduation time for one child and prom season for another, your priority will be on things close to home and work will be put on the back burner for a time.

When balancing two areas of responsibility, it is important to note that balance does not mean things get divided 50/50. The following story illustrates the point perfectly;

If my husband and I need to move a table that weighs 100 pounds, we will need to work together. At my best, I can only life 40 pounds at a time. My husband can lift 60 pounds with ease. If we both use our best efforts, we can move that table all day every day and twice on Sundays. If my husband wants me to do work that is equal to his work, we will never move the table. I cannot lift the 50 pounds. But I can lift the 40 pounds all day long. So, dividing the job 50/50 will not work. In this case a 50/50 plan is not a balancing scheme that will work. In this case, real balance mean more work will be done by one side than the other.


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This is Why My Kids Need Police Training

technology can't replace mom

My children get police training at home to prepare them for interactions with the police. I would like to see police officers get trained on a regular basis for interactions with my children!

The picture shown just above is a photo of my family taken two years ago. My son, is now almost a foot taller, so it is time for a new family portrait. I know as you look at the photo you see a gorgeous, happy family.  A traditional family with a mom and dad who have been married for more than 26 years and 4 wonderful children. That is what I see when I look at the photo. That is what my friends and family members see. I wonder what some police officers see when they look at that photo.

Let me start by saying I live in a wonderful neighborhood. The police in our area have never been anything but kind and respectful to our family. When my twins and I were hut by a hit and run driver with a history of drunk driving, police officers came to the scene and helped us. They came to the hospital to help us, to check on us and to show compassion. Later, when we saw one of those officers in the neighborhood he was truly happy to see the miraculous recovery my daughter had made. I am fortunate. I am blessed.

Across the country, people who like my family and I are being killed by police.The latest incident, that I woke up to this morning happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. A black man was killed in his car in front of his girlfriend and a four-year old child as the result of a traffic stop. He stopped his car, informed the police officer that he had a permit to carry a conceal weapon and was going to get his identification as the officer requested and wanted the officer to know he ha a gun. Mere moments later he was dead. He was killed in front of his girlfriend and a four-year old girl.

So this morning before I got out of bed my husband and I talked about this incident and so many others. We talked about the conversation he had last night with our children ages 9-year-old twin girls, a thirteen year old son and a 20-year-old daughter about police in the United States. We told them about how to behave if stopped by the police. We also had to tell them that even if they did all the “right” things, they may still be killed by the police. These are not fun conversations to have with our children. These are not optional conversations. These are conversations we have to have as parents of black children in the United States.

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