No Matter What the Question Choose Yourself

choose yourself


When choosing how to balance work and home, be smart, choose yourself. It is not smart to choose others first. It is not an act of generosity to choose others first. When it is all said and done, whether at home or work, you are the constant factor, so choose yourself.

When balancing home and work don’t choose one or the other, choose what you need at the moment in question.

Most of the people who read this blog are women like me. They are wives and mothers with businesses, careers, jobs and numerous obligations. They have to find ways to get eight hours of work done in four hours. They have to do lists that seem to have more items than pages. There has been more than one morning when I woke up and was expected to visit my husband in the hospital. get the kids off to school, do work for clients that could not be postponed, dishes and laundry that needed to be cleaned and parent-teacher conferences to prepare to attend in the evening. I had to do all these things in addition to obligations to myself. Obligations to take care of my physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual health.

All these things were important. Each task, chore and obligation seemed to be equally important and equally urgent. The bottom line though was that while they all needed to be done right away and seemingly at the same time, they could not. I had to find a way to make a choice. I had to prioritize. When you look at the list of things to be done, it is obvious that not everyone would or could be happy with the prioritizing decisions I had to make. It was not possible to make everyone else happy and get everything done according to other people’s desires and timelines. At the same time, decisions had to be made. Things had to get done. Sitting still and waiting for someone else to solve the problem and fix things for me was not an option.

In the situation above, I had to make choices. I had to decide what to do when among seemingly impossible choices. My husband thought his health, the literal life and death struggle was most important. My children thought gathering their clothes for school and their lunches was most important. Young children always think the world centers and revolves around them. My clients thought the jobs they were paying me to accomplish were most important. After all, the clients were paying good money for my services and had obligations of their own they needed to meet. The children’s teachers thought the conferences scheduled for the evening were most important. They were part of the team that is helping me to raise my children to thrive and succeed. In their minds, what could be more important than meeting to discuss that mission. It was not possible for me to let any of them choose.

They were all looking at what was best for them, what was most important to them. The best choice to make was to choose myself. I made my decision based upon what would give me the most pleasure, the most satisfaction, the most bang for my buck.


I recognized that in the end, when I look in the mirror, I am looking at myself. When I lay down to sleep at night it is the thoughts in my head that enable me to sleep or cause me to toss and turn for hours before getting out of bed in the morning. When I make choices, when I make decisions, I must choose what I can l stomach best. I recognized that while I had hundreds of things to do that day and several of them were important and a couple of them were life and death important, I still had to make decisions based upon what was best for me. I had to determine what would be best in my life at that moment. So, when faced with important choice upon important choice upon important choice, I chose myself.

Whether at home or work, the important thing to remember is that you choose, so choose yourself first.

So often women choose to put others first. The choose their husbands, their children, their business, their friends, their family or their co-workers. When given an opportunity to choose, all to often, women choose others first and themselves last. This is a mistake. You must take care of yourself first, you must choose yourself. When you board an airline, the stewardess and stewards all give roughly the same speech. They tell you that in the event of an emergency, air masks will fall from the ceiling. You are told that you should put on your own mask first, then the masks of your children and those around you. The stewardesses and stewards know that when push comes to shove, you must choose yourself first.

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Entrepreneur – Suck it Up and Move – Get Things Done

 entrepreneur you are in charge

As an entrepreneur, there are many things that you have to do that you may not want to do.It is not always easy to take action now and get things done. But so what, suck it up and go.

As an entrepreneur, one of your most important tasks, is to suck it up and take action now even when you don’t feel like it.

People who are not entrepreneurs often think owning a business is all roses and chocolate drops. From the outside, it seems that you can always do what you want when you want. Those who are not entrepreneurs see business ownership as a way to avoid all unpleasant tasks. This could not be further from the truth.

Entrepreneurs, must do many tasks they find hard, do not like or would rather avoid. These tasks include:

  • record keeping
  • filing taxes
  • keeping accounting records
  • training employees
  • terminating employees
  • cleaning the workplace
  • networking
  • keeping the workplace adequately supplied

No matter how much an entrepreneur would like to avoid these tasks, they must be done. The entrepreneur has no choice but to suck it up, take action now, and get things done.


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Want a Happy Family – Remember the Good Times

tolstoy is wrong about happy families

If you want to have a happy family, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, instead, remember good times in days gone by. Sometimes we forget that the classics are still around because they are good over and over again. Try to make your family happy by doing what worked in the past.

Tolstoy was wrong when he said, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Each happy family really is happy in their own way.

When it comes to having a happy family, there is no one size fits all. What makes everyone happy in one family, may drive the members of another family insane. Look at my family for example. It thrills us beyond all reason to sit around on Saturday afternoons and watch to gangster gospel rap videos from Los Angeles. It absolutely thrills us to watch the videos, sing the songs and dance. We watch the same videos every week. We sing the songs and one of us, (okay it’s me) always gets the same words wrong. The dancing we do will never and should never be seen outside our home. But it is pure fun, pure joy and pure happiness. No one in our circle of friends does this. But, it makes the six of us happier than you could ever imagine.

Think about a thing that your family did that made everyone happy. Was it a vacation? Perhaps there is a meal that makes everyone smile? Is there a certain game you like to play? Or is there a mall that is a family favorite? This is an important step in creating a happy family. Don’t worry if it is silly. The test is to determine what makes your family happy. You must take a good, long and objective look at what makes your family happy.

Remember the saying, “to thine own self be true?” Keep that in mind as you evaluate what makes your family happy. Don’t pay attention to what should make everyone happy. Actually think about what does make everyone happy. It may not be something fancy. It may be something as simple as pancakes for breakfast on Sundays or playing Uno on Saturday afternoons. Or it may be grand things like shopping sprees and trips to exciting locales. It doesn’t matter. Just figure out what does it for your family.


circus clowns make people happy


Once you have a list of a few things that makes your family happy. Figure out ways that you can do those things more often. Think about ways you can talk about the happiness makers. Make time to share stories and look at photographs of the happy things.  Go on the internet and find other stories, photos and videos about the things that make your family happy. Most of all, enjoy the fact that you have a family that can be made happy.

Keep in mind, creating the memories of events, things and places that make your family happy is great. It is also great to remember, relive, talk about and research those things. Sometimes you cannot do the things that makes the family happy. For our family, if we are away from the internet, at the dinner table or on a trip we cannot turn on the videos we enjoy so much. But, we can talk about them. We can laugh at how one of us always gets the words wrong to a particular song and how much we like the wrong version better. We can laugh at how mom loves “Mami Linda” and makes everyone listen to it at least three times in a row every time.

Even when you cannot actually do the thing that makes everyone happy, sharing the memories and reliving the good times will make everyone happy again. Walking down memory lane is such a wonderful journey. That is why when old friends get together, even 30 years after college, they still enjoy telling each other the old stories about the old college days. It is why best girlfriends still laugh about how they met, the clothes they wore and the people they dated. It is why a mother will always smile when she thinks about how she felt when she saw each of her children for the first time.


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Verizon FiOS – My Family’s Story

Thank you to Verizon FiOS for sponsoring this post.
 possibilities with FiOS
I have been a Verizon FiOS customer since June of this year. In these few months, I have enjoyed the television, internet and the home phone service. If you are new to this blog or not familiar with FiOS you may be asking, “What is FiOS?” That is a great question and I have a great answer for you. FiOS is fiber optic technology delivered to your house. Fiber Optics is different from cable because it uses light to transfer video and data signals directly to your home. Verizon FiOS’ fiber-optic network is the reason FiOS is able to give great performance and reliable service. Fiber optics are less susceptible to weather and is immune to electrical disruptions. The bandwidth capacity is greater which is a must have if you have a large family with lots of electronics like mine.
FiOS internet comes in several speed options. Check out the following list:
50/50 Mbps     – this allows you to upload and download in a flash. It allows you to play games and stream videos virtually lag-free
100/100 Mbps  – among the fastest broadband speeds. It allows you to download movies in mere minutes, upload photos in seconds and effortlessly use all your devices at once.
150/150 Mbps     – this premier speed is for serious internet users. This is great if you have multiple devices doing intense activities all at once.
300/300 Mbps     – this speed is great for multiple hardcore internet users. Use this to connect all your devices and push them hard.
500/500 Mbps     – this is Verizon FiOS’ supersonic speed. If you have lots of users and lots of devices downloading, uploading, streaming and sharing files all at the same time. This one is for you.
My family and I have been going crazy with the fast internet.  We have also been enjoying the FiOS TV. One cool feature is that you can get the channels you like and skip the channel packages you don’t. The ability to pause, rewind and record live television is awesome as well. I am not even going to tell you how many times the ability to pause the television, look something up on the internet and go back to the television show has come in handy at our house!

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The 25 Highest-Paid Executives in America

Edited by Janeane Davis to add: How much attention do you pay to your salary? Do you compare your salary with your current entrepreneur peer group or to the group you aspire to. Check out the salaries below to see what the highest paid executives in America are making and if you want to join this list, start making plans to have that happen.


Posted by Ben Taylor

Andrew Burton / Getty Images

The average American makes $50,000 to $70,000 per year. The lowest-compensated person on this list — a breakdown of America’s 25 highest-compensated executives — made $44.3 million in 2014.

To put that in context, the typical American would have to work 738 years straight to match the 2014 compensation for David C. Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development.

It might sound like a sensational statistic, but just this past August, the Securities and Exchange Commission voted to reveal this very figure. The SEC will require public companies to report their CEO-to-employee pay ratios, figures that can sometimes be as lopsided as 738-to-1. Needless to say, many corporations aren’t happy about the vote.

The following table breaks down each of the 25 highest-paid executives in America, complete with the year-over-year change in compensation, where available. The data comes from the SEC and is visualized by FindTheCompany.

Topping the list is David M. Zaslav, president and CEO of Discovery Communications. The company owns a variety of television networks, from TLC to Animal Planet to the Discovery Channel. Hired in 2007, Zaslav has helped grow his company’s market cap from $5 billion to $20 billion, an impressive seven-year run in a volatile industry with disruptive advances from Netflix, Hulu and Apple. His reward? A lavish 2014 compensation package totaling $156 million.

Before you grab a pitchfork, keep in mind the distinction between compensation and salary, as well as the rhythm of stock awards and bonuses within the upper echelons of corporate America.

Most of us look at compensation as a steady drumbeat of paychecks: persistent and predictable. In contrast, corporate executives make most of their money from infrequent stock awards, or equity, where the company’s performance in the market means everything.

In Zaslav’s case, about $145 million of the $156 million came from restricted stock and option awards. He isn’t guaranteed any of that money — it all depends on Discovery Communications’ future performance. Once you factor out all bonuses, equity and other compensation, you’re left with $3 million in standard salary.

For this reason, that $156 million figure is a little misleading. The SEC requires companies to report stock awards in the single year that they are granted, but Zaslav’s stock will vest gradually over the course of several years — and that’s only if he stays with the company.

As a case in point, Omid Kordestani — number two on the list — won’t see the lion’s share of his $130 million in 2014 compensation. When Google’s Nikesh Arora left the company for SoftBank in 2014, Kordestani was named the replacement chief business officer, a promotion that earned him that $130 million (mostly in stock). A year later, however, Google eliminated Kordestani’s role as part of the Alphabet split, leaving the executive in a loosely-defined advisor role.

Kordestani has since accepted an executive chairmanship at Twitter. While he’s likely to receive a handsome compensation package from the social media company, he’ll be leaving behind much of his Google stock as a result.

As we move down the list, we see a series of more familiar faces, from Michael T. Fries (CEO of Liberty T. Global, one of the largest broadband Internet providers in the world), Stephen A. Schwarzian (CEO of Blackstone Group, a private equity firm) and Lawrence J. Ellison (former CEO of Oracle). Ellison in particular is notable for appearing on these lists year after year. While many top-tier executives only rank highly in contract years — when they’ve just received a fresh stock bonus — Ellison has been raking in bountiful stock option awards, year after year. (Note that Ellison now serves as executive chairman of the board and chief technology officer at Oracle.)

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The Campaign Slogans for Each (Current) Presidential Candidate

Edited by Janeane Davis to add: No matter what type of business you own or work for, politics matters. The people we elect to govern our nation determine what laws we must follow, the standards our products and services must meet, how we interact with our employees and the amount of taxes we will be required to pay. You must pay attention to politics and political candidates as part of running your business in a strategic manner. This article highlights the slogans of current candidates. Check them out and see which ones if any are in your best interests, both personally and as a business owner or employee.

Posted by Palmer Gibbs


Ask any media manager or branding expert, and they will likely all agree — coming up with a good slogan is crucial to any campaign.

It holds true in the high-wire world of political campaigning, where a candidate’s slogan should compel people to volunteer their time, donate their money and ultimately cast their vote. Heck, Donald Trump digs his slogan so much that every single piece of clothing for sale on his campaign site sports the full catchphrase.

Some candidates opt to make their slogan a play on their name, while others rely on a full phrase or two to get their point across. With such a crowded field this cycle, InsideGov takes a look at the campaign slogans of the 21 declared presidential candidates. Candidates are listed alphabetically by their last name.

#21. Jeb Bush, Republican

Campaign Slogan: Jeb!

Aside from Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush may have the best-known surname of the presidential candidates, which might explain why he opted to go with just his first name for his campaign. The former Florida governor is son of and brother to two previous presidents (George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, respectively) and, in case you haven’t heard, the Republican Party is just not that into establishment candidates.

To hear Jeb (or, rather, Jeb!) explain it to Stephen Colbert, though, the exclamation point “connotes excitement.” Related: The super PAC supporting Bush is called Right to Rise, a phrase the candidate employs on the campaign trail and during debates, but isn’t officially his slogan.

#20. Ben Carson, Republican

Campaign Slogan: Heal + Inspire + Revive

The retired pediatric neurosurgeon leans heavily on his background in medicine for his presidential campaign slogan, Heal + Inspire + Revive. But it seems to be working for Ben Carson, who polls at a firm second place behind Donald Trump.

#19. Lincoln Chafee, Democrat

Campaign Slogan: Fresh Ideas for America

With a grabby, unique name like Lincoln Chafee, we are kind of surprised that this campaign didn’t go the Jeb Bush route and employ “Lincoln!” as its campaign slogan. A Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, Chafee has logged years as a U.S. senator and Rhode Island’s governor, and boasts that he has had no scandals during his political career.

#18. Chris Christie, Republican

Campaign Slogan: Telling it Like it Is

Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign slogan, much like the candidate himself, needs little unpacking. The New Jersey Republican doesn’t hold back, whether he’s telling a heckler to “sit down and shut up” or suggesting a young woman clean out her ears at a New Hampshire town hall because she supposedly misquoted him about climate change (she didn’t).

#17. Hillary Clinton, Democrat

Campaign Slogan: Hillary for America

In 2008, during her first run for president, Hillary Clinton went the exclamation point route with her “Solutions for America!” slogan. This go-around, the former Secretary of State chose “Hillary for America,” which makes sense when you think about her well-known status in American politics (when it comes to Democrats named Hillary, there’s really only one). But it is interesting that her campaign didn’t utilize her last name, which she shares with one of the more popular presidents in the last 30 years.

#16. Ted Cruz, Republican

Campaign Slogan: Reigniting the Promise of America

Sen. Ted Cruz has got his brand consistency covered. The Texan’s logo is a red, white and blue flame, and his slogan (“Reigniting the Promise of America”) maintains the fire theme. It all makes sense, when you think about it: Cruz has made a name for himself as a fiery, no-holds-barred member of the often staid Senate.

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