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It is thrilling to learn to run your business better by participating in social networking groups.  Social networking sites are increasing in popularity among individuals and businesses. In its October 2014 issue, the magazine Popular Photography  stated that 72.5% of photographers post their photos to social media and that 56.2% post their photographs to Facebook. While the bad points of social networking sites are often discussed, there are good things that come from social networking sites. One of the good things that comes from social networking sites is that entrepreneurs can learn ways to do business better. 

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It is wonderful to learn better ways to do a job search such as reading industry publications. Each day people across the country look for jobs. Some of these job seekers are traditional 9 to 5 employees. Other job seekers are freelancers and still others are entrepreneurs looking for new clients. No matter what category you fall into, your job search will be more successful when you read industry publications.

No matter what industry you are involved in, there are publications to help you keep up with the trends, updates and players in that industry. Some publications are popular and known by people even outside the industry. Other publications are known only to those in the industry because they appeal to a small niche of the population. Some examples of industry specific publications include the following: More »

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It is terrific to send your children back to school with a terrific phone an plan like the one I have with #Phones4School and Walmart Family Mobile. I have been a faithful Walmart Family Mobile for quite some time now. I am glad that my connection with #CollectiveBias brought this incredible phone plan to my attention. I first got interested in the phones and plan when I was considering a phone for my daughter when we were looking for the  lowest priced unlimited plans on the market. She had been accepted to several colleges and universities and I wanted to get her a phone with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web to use while she was away at school. That first Walmart Family Mobile phone was such a success. Because the Walmart Family Mobile Plan was Walmart’s Best Plan, I decided to add my husband to the plan.

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It is terrific to know you can beat procrastination if you learn to eat the elephant. Procrastination is that thing that causes people to put off doing what needs to be done. There are a million reasons why people procrastinate. One of the most common is that the things that need to be done are so big that the tasks seem overwhelming. When you are faced with a big task that needs to be done and procrastination rears its ugly head, do not fear. Instead, stand up straight, chin up, shoulders back and kick procrastination in the teeth. You can do this by breaking remembering how to eat an elephant. More »

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It is magnificent to take action now and to know you can read a book to learn how. In order to get things done, one must learn to TAN aka take action now. All the planning, research and preparedness training in the world will accomplish nothing, until a person steps up and takes action. The following is my favorite example of the take action now principle.

          Five birds were sitting on a telephone wire when three of them decided to go to Florida for the winter.
         Question: How many birds were left?
         Answer: Five because deciding to do something is not the same thing as actually doing something.

It is important to plan, to research and to prepare for whatever it is you want to do. The problem is that many people spend so much time on those steps that they never get to actually doing the thing that is the cause for all the planning, researching and preparing. More »

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