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It is thrilling to know that it is possible to accept compliments with dignity and grace. Recently, over the course of two days I gave four different entrepreneurs compliments about how they were operating their businesses and great ideas they had for business ventures. Each of these women failed to accept the compliment. Instead, to a woman, each downplayed her accomplishment or pointed out ways things could be better. This made me sad. These were wonderful, accomplished, successful women who deserved the compliments I gave them. Each one behaved as if she did not deserve the compliments and kind words.

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It is terrific to find a new something new to enjoy in the neighborhood like I did recently while visiting California Pizza Kitchen.  California Pizza Kitchen first opened its doors in Beverly Hills in 1985 with a special barbeque chicken pizza. Since then, they have expanded to more restaurants in more than 30 states and 11 countries. Recently I traveled to the restaurant in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with my family and had an amazing time.  When I walked in the door I received such a warm greeting, I knew things were going to be great. I was introduced to general manager Jean Hippensteel and restaurant manager Kenyatta. They greeted each of us and even laughed at the corny jokes my youngest twin insisted on sharing with them. When we got to our seats, we were introduced to our lovely waitress for the late afternoon, early evening, Renee, who thrilled the youngest twin by letting her know she was a vegetarian.


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It is wonderful to find a piece of technology that makes your life better like my Samsung Galaxy S4 from Walmart Family Mobile and the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans. This phone and plan make me #Thankful4Savings and thankful that I was introduced to Walmart Family Mobile  by #CollectiveBias. I have been using phones from Walmart Family mobile for more than a year. It started when we picked out a phone for my former Teenie Bopper (now she is the Spelie) as a reward for getting so many college acceptances. Later I got added a line for my husband, the accountant who is always concerned about saving money on everything we do. Recently we added another line so that my children would be able to talk, text and video chat with their big sister who is away at college.

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It is terrific to have hope because sometimes, hope is all you have. When the grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson for any crime connected with the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO was announced, I was sitting with my eleven year old son in the living room. Before the decision was announced, my son said that officer would not get indicted because police do not get indicted for shooting unarmed black men, period. Like most people, we have followed what has been going on in Ferguson since Michael Brown was killed in August of 2014. When the verdict was announced, I immediately thought of an essay by Marcus McGhee called “An Essay on Niggers and Squirrels.” He says his grandfather told him that he saw white men go to jail for hunting squirrels out of season, but he never saw a white man go to jail for killing a black man. More »


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It is magnificent to take action now with a good appreciation for your ability. Almost every person on earth has plans, dreams and things they want to accomplish. However, something stops most people from doing what needs to be done. One of the reasons people do not take action now and do what they need to do is that they doubt their ability. Lack of confidence in one’s ability has caused more dreams to be deferred than almost anything else. The silver lining in all this is that if you fail to take action now because you doubt your ability you can turn things around and start to move forward and accomplish your goals. Jesse Jackson once said, “If your mind can conceive it and your heart can believe it, you can achieve it.” This statement is key to the idea that you should take action now and have a good appreciation for your abilities. More »

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