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Power – It Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Thing — 23 Comments

  1. Sometimes power can really affect people badly. Those people need a reality check! lol

  2. Very interesting! Usually you hear of power with a negative connotation, but I like the positive spin. Good is greater than evil!

  3. While having power isn’t a bad thing, having too much can sometimes go to your head. I’ve worked with people who’ve had a little too much. You’ve got to know how to control it and yourself.

  4. I’m gonna add this book to my list. I never heard of it, but it definitely sounds interesting.

  5. This is a good reminder that being powerful and striving to find your personal power isn’t a negative thing. Power can be used for the greater good!

  6. It’s definitely important not to take advantage of others with power. Hopefully more people learn this over time.

  7. So powerful indeed. Power can be used for such good, especially if a leader inspires people.

  8. I’ve heard of the 48 Laws of Power! Great Read ( listen ) The thing about Power is that the more of it people have .. the more of it they want and they usually use it for bad

  9. I’ve never heard of the 48 Laws of Power! Thanks for sharing this. I will have to check this out.

  10. This is interesting! I had no idea about the 48laws. I am going to have to check this out more!

  11. I never know about this, but it’s a topic of interest for me. 48 laws! Used for so much. Thanks for writing about it!

  12. Good article…and I agree that power is merely something can be used for good and bad. In fairness, we do need some power, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to achieve certain objectives or wouldn’t be able to grow.

    Thanks for posting

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