2019 Summer Intensive Mastermind Program



2019 Summer Intensive Mastermind

This program was created to help participants learn to take action now and get things done, create the confidence they need to succeed, and to create a winning elevator pitch.


Part 1:       Take Action Now – Stop Procrastinating and Get Ready to Move                         

                 Text for Session – Take Action Now and Get Things Done

The goal of this initial period. is to get participants in the habit of putting aside procrastination and working to achieve their goals.  Participants will be taught to set realistic schedules based on their actual lives.

Week 1: Introduction

Take Action Now and Get Things Done

Week 2: Take Action Now with Mind Maps

Take Action Now with Vision Boards

Week 3: Take Action Now it is Fun to Act at the Right Time and Place

Take Action Now – Look at Time and Place

Take Action Now and Control Your Life

Week 4: Stop Refusing to Take Action Now

Take Action Now and Get a New Attitude

Take Action Now – You Have the Ability

Part 2:       Creating the Confidence You Need to Succeed

               Text for Session – Creating Confidence Begins and Ends in Your Mind  


The goal of this period is to get participants to develop the confidence they need to succeed.  Learning that confidence they need to succeed resides with in them will help participants do better in business, at home, and in life.

Week 1:    Get Dressed with Confidence Before You Get Out of Bed

Week 2:    How to Define Confidence in Your Life

Week 3:    How to Portray Confidence When You Don’t Feel Confident

How to Create the Confidence You Want

Week 4:   Being Confident Through the Week



Part Three:  Using Your Elevator Pitch to Take You to the Top

               Text for Session – Will Your Elevator Pitch Take You to the Top


The goal of this period is to teach participants to create elevator pitches they can use for networking, getting business, on correspondence and other places. Now that they have mastered the art of taking action now, can create the confidence they need to succeed, they need elevator pitches to quickly communicate their messages to the world.


Week 1: What is an Elevator Pitch

Week 2: I am. . . I believe . . . So I . . .

Week 3: Fine Tuning Your Elevator Pitch

Week 4: Using Your Elevator Pitch Elevator

Program Summary Week 4 August


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