Creating Confidence Starts and Ends in Your Mind


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I believe that you get dressed for success before getting out of bed in the morning by getting the right mental attitude by putting on your big girl panties and fake it until you -make it (with work) dress and convincing yourself the day will be great and accessorizing with clich├ęs. It is easy to have a good attitude when the sun is shining, all your bills are paid and you are experiencing the after-glow of a wonderful evening with your spouse. The trick comes when you have to put forth a good attitude when it is raining, your roof leaks, there are three shut off notices from the utility companies and you have been arguing with your spouse for a week. It is during these times that the right mental attitude is most crucial. It is at this point that creating the attitude for success and confidence is most important. That is what this book is about – getting the dressed with the right mental attitude and in order to have the success and confidence you want.


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