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    • Brandi, you know how much I appreciae and admire you. I am so happy and proud to be part of the Pushing Lovely home you, Arelis and I created. When one of our members succeeds and reaches her dreams, it is like we are all rising to the top and dancing in the stars.

  1. Happy to be included on your tribe’s list and to be part of the tribe. It’s great when someone has your back.

    • I love blogging and writing and a part of it is because of people like you who are in my tribe and who encourage, inspire and motivate me so that I can reach my goals.

  2. I am working at building my tribe. I have been in the blogging scene for a while and just in the last couple of months I have really realized how negative some bloggers are to one another. This means I have been weeding out that negativity. Support is key – on all levels! Thank you for sharing these blogs – all of them are amazing women!

    • I ewalize that one of the reasons I have good feelings about blogging and bloggers may be because my tribe is so supportive, smart and strong. I am blessed. I hope you find a tribe that encourages, inspires and motivates you.

  3. I am really grateful for my tribe these days. As we grow closer, all that is not in harmony starts to fall away.

    • A good tribe is like a family – there are ups and downs but in the end, they want the best for you and the problems get worked out .

  4. My team that pushed me are also fellow bloggers that I have met online. Whenever I am struggling I just go to them and after a few I am back on track.

  5. That’s nice! And we believe on the saying goes “No Man is an Island” which means a person without help from others will not succeed but a person with people helping each other will surely find its success.

  6. My husband and my son – they are the team that pushes me to do better. 🙂 Good for you to have such a great team.

  7. Having a blog tribe is great! I’d love to take some time to visit some of the ladies. How do you all connect? I’d love to see if the tribe would be a good fit for me. 🙂

  8. One of the things I love most about blogging is the support of the community. So great that you’re sharing this. I will definitely check out these bloggers, and I think the name Pushing Lovely is awesome!

    • The name Pushing Lovely was the brain child of Arelis Cintron who envisioned the group as a place where women writers could be pushed to accomplish their own dreams. Like you, things I like most about blogging is the comraderie and support from fellow bloggers.

    • Debbie, you are exactly correct. As wonderful as these blogs are, what touched me most about these women is how their generosity, support and kindness seem limitless.

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