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Best Advice From a Friend (Grandma) — 3 Comments

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  2. Grandma was very good to me. Darren's family are all good in-laws. When I joined the family, the entire family:cousin, aunts, uncles in-laws, everyone took me in and treated me as if I was always part of the group. It really is a nice thing. Over the next few weeks when you hear the advice I have been given, I hope you will laugh and enjoy i. I am truly surrounded by crazy people, and I fit right in.

  3. That is great advice from a woman that sounds like she was a gem to have in your life. You always hear stories about how in-laws hate their soon to be, in your case, granddaughter in-law, but she gave you advice to help you with a healthy marriage. She was obviously quite a woman. I try and learn about some of my boyfriend's interest. Most things I happy to get on board with while a handful of things not so much, deadliest catch is one show I cannot watch. I find myself following sports, in particular his teams; I play more poker… Some advice that I have gotten that I try and put into practice is be his cheerleader. While I do put my two cents into a lot of things, driving for example, routes mainly, I do try and stand back and cheer lead what he's doing. Can't wait to hear the rest of the advice in the upcoming weeks…I'm taking notes!

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