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Sensational Saturday – Favorite Books – Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison — 4 Comments

  1. I read the Bluest Eye and it just made me sad. I am a bookaholic. I have about 2,000 books in my office, about 1,000 at home and 3,000 on my Kindle. But some books I read over and over because they remind me of happy times and are comforting.

  2. I have never read Song of Solomon. I think in high School have the class read that and my half read The Bluest Eye. The Bluest Eye did not make my favorite books list.

    I like to read but I have never been one to re-read books. I think I like the myster of the book and discoverying what lies on the next page. After I’ve reached the end I’m ready for a new discovery.

  3. I also love her writing, her way with words and the stories she tells. When you read her words you are moved, you feel, you experience.

  4. I read Song of Solomon in high school and after dissecting it for weeks I fell in love with this book!
    I love the way Toni Morrison writes, her characters and thisstory in particular.

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