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Spring into Networking in the Real World and Online — 7 Comments

  1. I am excited about the Chasing Joy Brunch and Learn also because I want to be able to network with my online friends!

  2. I can’t wait to do some networking in person with you at the Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn.

    I like your tips hear. I have had a contact list that I refer to on a regular. I do the clip thing to but I’m not as organized as you list here. I can make use of the text and calling tips.

  3. I network online so much. It is easier, safer and I am better at it. I have to kick up my in person game a few notches.

  4. Wonderful information that I can definitely benefit from. I am very thankful for shared information that can always help me in taking my Internet business to the next level for mysel and my Team I will post this article in my office and share with myTeam as well. Thanks for always stepping up to the plate for others, Janeane.

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