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  1. I can be a little indecisive at times. That has gotten much better since becoming a mom.

  2. I have a hard time deciding big things. I hate being a grown up sometimes.

  3. Thanks for this. Making a decision is the hardest part!

  4. I always love reading your posts because they’re so uplifting and inspirational! I think I’d use my strategic thinking skills to figure out a plan for myself when it comes to working and making a living. I really want to move out into a house of my own and I’m going to make that happen despite my inability to hold down a job due to chronic illness!

  5. Even if a decision ends up being “bad” or “wrong,” it can be fixed! The path isn’t always smooth, and learning how to make decisions is part of being an adult.

  6. I tend to think of strategic thinking in terms of on-the-job. You’re right though, it’s very useful in the home too.

  7. i’m the decision maker. I’m a reasonable thinker most of the time while my husband is a reactive thinker

  8. Decisions are important. Some can be a bit challenging and I prefer to take my time and not rush with those.

  9. I am not good at making decisions. I am not sure when I turned into a “grown up” and who made me the “decider!”

  10. great advice. I am pretty strategic with my thinking. I make decisions fairly quickly and look at all angles to get to the best decision

  11. Thinking through a decision can take time and isn’t always easy, that’s for sure. – Jenn @ The Rebel Chick

  12. i really need to do more strategic thinking. I often act on impulse.

  13. I need to really plan out the rest of the year. I tend to take it as it comes, but I shouldn’t do that!

  14. I try to make a decision but sometimes I just can’t, or don’t want to. But this is something I continue to work on.

  15. That is a great list to help think strategicly. There is so mcuh I want to do I need to make a plan.

  16. Strategic thinking can be helpful in many aspects in life. I always try and make my decisions wisely. This includes analyzing my actions and reactions before making choices.

  17. I try and make lists and organize my thoughts when I have something I’m working on. Sometimes an outline or idea dump really helps!

  18. I like to be indecisive now and then, but most of all I am a planner,.

  19. I’m very indecisive in general! My husband is much better at deciding than I am!

  20. I think strategic thinking is a lot better than impulse thinking or indecisiveness. Great info!

  21. I am WAY too indecisive about pretty much anything and everything.

  22. Playing what if can help you decide what outcome is best for you. I like making decisions… it’s easy!

  23. Sometimes I can be a little indecisive and the decision ends up being made for me, so I need to get better about figuring out what i want.

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