Love – Satisfying Work and a Good Family

It is fantastic to have satisfying work and a good family.

Readers of a certain age will remember the movie Mahogany  starring Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams. There was a great line in the movie where Billie Dee’s character told Diana Ross’ character that all her success at work meant nothing if she had no one at home with whom to share it. For me, having a loving, caring family at home to share my successes and accomplishments is more valuable than the accomplishments and successes.

I like to call myself a Proverbs Wife. For those not familiar with the Bible, this is the wife described in Proverbs 31, verses 10 to 31. She is a wonderful woman who has it all together. Here are a few of her qualities:

  • she is more precious than rubies
  • she is trusted by her husband
  • she keeps her home adequately supplied
  • she is strong and in good physical shape
  • she dresses beautifully
  • she operates businesses
  • she is honorable
  • she has a reputation for virtue
  • she has a good reputation that proceeds her
photo credit: EvelynGiggles via photopin cc

photo credit: EvelynGiggles via photopin cc

When you look at that list, you see a woman who has satisfying work and a good family. Continue reading →

Long to Do LIst: What a Blessing

Magnificent Monday-it is a blessing to be busy and to have a long to do list. There are many people lost with nothing to do. I will treat my to do list like a friend and look forward to our visits.

Before this morning, I would look at my to do list with dread. Even if I wanted to do all the tasks on the list, or if there were fun things, I knew the bad stuff, the hard stuff was there and there a lot. I looked at my to do list as something to get through, something to put up with, something to just deal with. Today I realize there are people everywhere who wish they had something to do. There are people at home who cannot get up and go, who have no control over themselves or their lives. I realized there are people in jail on lock down who don’t control any major important aspect of their lives who would like the challenge of dishes, laundry, children, spouse, homework and traffic. I now realize my long to do list is a blessing, a gift and something to look forward to rather than hide from. It seems life really is about perspective and how you look at things. I have decided to make this day magnificent by making that to do list a friend.