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At Thanksgiving time, people all over America are listing all the things for which they are thankful. I am joining that group and stating that I am thankful today, as I am everyday for my husband Darren. I met him when I was a pretty young girl of 19. All these years later, I am a pretty older thing at 46 and adore my husband who has been my best friend and my husband for the past 23 years.  I am thankful for Darren for many reasons. One is because he used the best pickup line ever when he introduced himself to me back in college. I shared this story in a previous article,  part of which I will quote here: More »

You can find serenity in building a love that stands the tests of time, in-laws and children. When you find that serenity, you will also find peace, comfort and strength.

Over the years, my husband has said some incredible things to me:

  • I love you
  • Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife
  • I do
  • Women don’t become beautiful until they get past thirty
  • I will love you when you are 90 and your butt sags to your knees
  • I had nothing better to do that day
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The last statement was something he said once during an argument when I asked him why he married me. More »

It is wonderful to appreciate work because it gives an opportunity for adult interaction. Human beings are inherently social beings. For the most part we enjoy being around people, talking with them, watching them, sharing ideas and experiences with them. Among other things, work gives us the opportunity for adult interaction.


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It is common to appreciate work because work provides income and opportunity for advancement. One thing people do not commonly realize is a perk of employment is the opportunity to interact with other adults. More »

It is sensational to develop a love of reading at a young age and to nurture it throughout life. Books can both be friends and help you make friends. Books can be something to love and teach you how to love. I love to read because books offer endless possibilities.

I love to read for too many reasons to count, so I shall share just a few of them. I like to read because books have always given me:

  • adventure
  • company
  • education
  • opportunity
  • pleasure


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When I was a child, children’s television shows taught me that reading is fundamental. Today, Dora the Explorer teaches my children that if they want to learn something, they should “take a look in a book.”  I have always found books to be a source of adventure. The first adventure story I remember from my childhood was Dr. Seuss’ And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street. I liked hearing the story the child created about wondrous adventures on the way home from school. As a teenager I fell in love with The Bourne Identity and  its sequels. When I become a young woman and moved into my own apartment, I lived alone for the first time in my life. Things were so quiet. I read books then because they kept me company. The characters in the books sometimes became friends that kept me company and made living alone seem not quite as scary


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As a student in college and law school, most of my reading was for educational purposes. I read to learn about organizational behavior, managerial economics, torts and contracts law. My reading had a purpose, a point. There were definite things I had to get out of each book I read. There was information I needed to obtain so that I could pass tests, write papers, draft briefs. I read in order to learn, to be educated. As a sole practitioner attorney and entrepreneur most of my reading was for opportunity. I tried to find opportunities for my law practice, my clients and their businesses. I looked for internal and external opportunities.

Now, I am at a stage in life where I still read for adventure, education and opportunity, but I make sure to make time to read for pleasure. I read things for the sheer pleasure of having the words roll around in my mind, creating pictures that only I see and appreciate. I enjoy reading or pleasure because it is relaxing, enjoyable and just plain nice.  This is really my favorite time in my life for reading because I can read for pleasure more than I was ever able to do as a younger woman. At the same time, because I am older and more experienced, there are more things that give me pleasure when I read them.
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I developed my love of reading as a young child and have spent the past 42 years since nurturing my love of books. So, the question for you this sensational day is why do you love to read?

It is fantastic to have a good home life because it makes going to work worth doing. For many people the biggest joy they have in life is the ability to come home at the end of a long day and get hugs and kisses from family members. It makes all the stresses of the day seem worthwhile when you have a loving home to return to each day.

The movie The Wiz had a great song about home. One of my favorite lines from the song is, “When I think of home I think of a place where there is love overflowing.” I always think of my home that way. It is wonderful to know that no matter what my day is like, no matter how many dragons I must slay during the day, when I get home life is calm and good. I will see my husband, my children will start calling my name, the dog will jump on my legs and the car will look at me. In other words, when I get home, I am welcomed back into the sweet embrace of love.
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When a person goes off to work, to earn a living, time is spent away from the comforts of home. More »
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