Share Your Love of Reading

share your love of reading
It is sensational to share your love or reading with others. I learned to read when I was three years old. I remember my mother and father bringing me a box of Dr. Seuss books that arrived by mail in a big cardboard box. These books are the first gift I remember receiving as a child. From that day to this, I have loved to read. The written word has always thrilled me. I like to look at words, I like to write words, both on keyboards as well as with pen and paper.  I chose to work as an attorney because it involved words – writing them, reading them and saying them. When the birth of my twins enable me to step away from my law career, I chose consulting, writing and blogging as a way to earn money because of the attachment those fields had with words.
share your love of reading 2
When I was a young girl there were public service announcements that told me “reading is fundamental.” When my oldest daughter was a young girl she watched a television show on PBS that told her to “take a look in a book.”  Early in our relationship my husband told me that intelligent people had libraries with at least 1,000 books.  So, at the age of 19, I started with 10 books and built a library of more than 1,000 books. I derived a great deal of pleasure in knowing that I read each of those books. Many of them more than once. A few of the books like Toni Morrison’s “Song of Solomon” I read dozens of times. Other books like Robert Ludlum’s “The Bourne Identity” I read over and over and over. When I was in labor with my oldest daughter, I used the front cover of the “The Bourne Identity” to write down and track my contractions.

First – Love Yourself


You can find serenity in learning to love yourself first. ¬†Everyone has heard the expression, “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” The second part of that statement in many ways is easier for many people. It seems to be common sense to be nice to others. People understand being courteous to others – holding doors, not interrupting, giving another the best that one has to offer. In most home there is a guest bedroom, guest towels and other special niceties for others. No one ever thinks of this as unusual. It seems to be common sense that one should be nice to guests, visitors and others. Why then, do so many people have such a hard time showing themselves love?¬†

Show Your Children Love


You can find serenity in learning how to show your children love. Children are funny. No matter what we do for them, no matter what sacrifices we make for their benefit, if we deny them a cookie before dinner, they feel unloved. We must find ways to show our children love in ways they understand and appreciate. Recently I asked one of my young daughters what was her favorite thing about me. For the few seconds while I waited for her response my mind wandered. I thought bout the myriad of things she and I did together over the course of her life. I thought about the countless things I have done to make her happy. The answer she gave never crossed my mind. Her response was, “What I love most is that Miss Pam gives you books for us to read.” Continue reading →