Take Action Now – Get Your Plans Out of the China Closet

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It is magnificent to take action now and get your plans out of the china closet. Take action now means get up and do what needs doing, now, not later, now. Many people treat their dreams and plans like fine china in a china closet. That means that their dreams and plans sit on display waiting to be used “someday.” The sad thing is that “someday” never comes. However, a person has to take action now at some point in order to  get things done, you cannot keep your plans in the china closet forever if you want to succeed. Continue reading →

Completion – Spring Into Action Now, Don’t Wait

It is magnificent to get important tasks completed, so spring into action now! People spend a lot of time managing their to do lists. Trying to figure out what to put on the list, how to organize items on the list and what to keep off the list. The thing people do not spend careful thought and attention on is actually completing the things on the list. That is a shame, because the completion is the most important thing when dealing with items on a to do list. Before reading this article, look at your to do list to see  your list completion rate.
photo credit: Arwens Abendstern via photopin <a

photo credit: Arwens Abendstern via photopin <a

The goal of this article is to talk about completion, getting things finished, done and crossed off the to do list. Continue reading →

Love Taking Action, Because Faith Without Work is Dead

It is magnificent to fall in love with taking action because faith without work is dead.

I am part of a few accountability circles. One I formed with two women after a conference last October. We had some starts and stops and we are still working our way through how to make the group work, but we are working it out. I have another accountability group formed with two business partners. We are informal in our interaction, but we hold each other accountable and provide each other with encouragement and support. I have another group of women in a Facebook group that help me with accountability by asking me to share my failures and successes and pushing me on to succeed.
The thing that makes all of these accountability groups work is that the members all demand action. Continue reading →