Quick Tip to Beat Procrastination


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It is terrific to know you can battle procrastination by planning in advance. There are almost as many reasons for procrastination as there are procrastinators. A common reason for procrastination is not knowing what to do. Many people procrastinate and do not move forward with any of their plans because they have no idea what action to take from one day to the next, one moment to the next. This type of procrastination problem is one that can be solved with SMART plans.

SMART plans are Specific, Measurable Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. If you are a person who has a history of procrastinating, of putting off for tomorrow those things you could do today, stop winging it and start planning. Start each day by writing down what you want to accomplish that day. If you are a pen and paper person, use that. If you are an electronic person, add it to your smart phone or tablet so you can carry the list with you. Continue reading →

Stop Procrastination – Take Action Now and Succeed

It is magnificent to love what you do, stop procrastinating and take action now so you can be a success.

People tend to like to plan, to create plans to design solutions to problems and situations. I have a friend who has been planning a business for the entire ten years that I know her. She has notebooks full of plans and designs. When she fills up one notebook she copies the most important or best plans into a new notebook and plans some more. When computers and laptops became commodity priced items, she began to copy her notebooks into computer files. On the computer she would search the internet and plan, plan and plan. What she never got around to was taking action, actually doing something with her plans. She always said she would move forward with her business as soon as her plans were in order. As soon as she finished her business plan, her research and her development plans, she was going to start that business. She used the “I’m not ready now, but as soon I get these plans done” excuse to procrastinate starting a business for more than ten years.

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In order to succeed, we have to stop using planning as a tool to hide procrastination. Continue reading →